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   Chapter 5 chapter five

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Emilia's P.OV

What the hell? Why was I currently hiding away from Alton? For some reason ever since what happened a few weeks back I haven't been able to face him. Maria and Gloria have told me he's been desperately trying to talk to me but I just... Couldn't.

So here I am, perched on my knees hiding behind a fake small tree; watching Alton speak with these three guys. They seemed to be having a good conversation because for once he looks relaxed. Though he looks relaxed and he wears a smile, his eyes are sad.

I couldn't hear what they were talking about but I could hear their laughter whenever they did so.

"Why are you hiding?" I feel a voice whisper in my ear.

I jolt and nearly stumble forward when arms swiftly catch me. Clutching my hand to my chest; I turn around to see Fallon raising a perfectly arched eyebrow in question. Blushing I ponder on what kind of excuse I can give.

"I-I'm not. I'm looking for necklace, " I lie.

Nice one, Emmie.

"Really?" her eyes tell me she doesn't believe me one bit. To be honest, I could understand. I was always a terrible liar.

"No, " I sigh, giving up.

"You've been avoiding him for a while now, " she lays a concerned hand on my shoulder, "Is everything alright?"

I was given instructions that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone other than family members of this false engagement. Although I didn't want to break the rules I also didn't want to keep it in anymore. I needed someone to talk to. I needed someone to vent out my problems to and I wished so badly to have someone I could talk to; to trust.

"Emmie, " I look at her, "you can trust me. Were friends."

Her smile makes me want to believe her. And right now I felt like I could.

"Can we talk about this somewhere private?" I ask, looking back at Alton as he looks to be getting bored of the guys conversation. I notice his eyes begin to wander.

Fallon grabbed my hand and drags me away quickly. I hear the faint sound of Alton calling out my name but I close my eyes shut, blocking out the sound.

My stomach and heart hurt and ached and I didn't know why. It started feeling this way every since he played that cruel joke of telling me he loved me. What a lie. What a stupid, bloody lie. I wouldn't allow him to mess with my head like that.

But I couldn't stand it. It hurt so much I felt like crying. It didn't help either that whenever I saw him my stomach would feel weird and I would get tongue tied. I hated this feeling.

Fallon shut the door, the loud sound breaking me out of my thoughts. She gave me a smile before grabbing my hand once again and sitting me on a bench that overlooked a large window. Outside overlooked the backyard of the home. A large crystal blue swimming pool was at the bottom with pool chairs around it with a table umbrella on one side of the pool. Behind it all was just acres and acres of green, healthy land.

"Soo, " Fallon urged.

I open my mouth to speak when I'm cut off with the doors being thrown open. Camie barges in with a basket covered with a red flannel covering. She shuts the door before trudging towards us quickly. She plops herself in between Fallon and I, smiling brightly.

"Sorry I'm late, " she apologizes.

I raise my eyebrows, looking at Fallon. She grins sheepishly.

"Camie and I were worried something was going on, " Fallon explains quickly.

"Were friends now, Emmie, " Camie smiles taking my hand in hers, "if anything is ever wrong I want you to be able to come t

o Fallon and I. We'll always be here for you."

A smile breaks onto my face and I can't help the way my heart swells at her words. I never really had friends I could talk to without holding things back. To be honest, I never had real friends.

I take a deep breath. I was afraid of what they'd think of me after I told them the truth. So before I can back out and hold the truth back I open my mouth and begin speaking. I begin to tell them everything.

Everything from my family being poor to me having to work two jobs. Everything from my parents giving me away for money to help themselves. Everything from me leaving my life to go live one unknown to me. And finally, everything about an arranged marriage.

So when I was done, the room was quiet. Fallon was looking out of the window while Camie was nibbling on the expensive, foreign chocolates she brought that was in the basket.

"That prick, " Fallon growls out angrily. She turns away from the window with her face reddish.

I look at her, startled.

"Right!" Camie exclaims, fully agreeing, "i can't believe Alton would force you to marry him."

"I've known him since we were wee little. I just-" Fallon cuts herself off shaking her head.

"Oh, and your family. I can't believe they'd sell you for money? What kind of parents are they, " Camie shoves the chocolate in her mouth to keep from crying.

"I-its not there fault, " I attempt to defend my parents, "We had nothing and-"

"Are you seriously going to defend them? Emmie, no parent should sell their child for money. Its absolutely absurd!" Fallon exclaims enraged.

I was happy they were angry for my sake. They were right about my parents, I couldn't deny it any longer. I still wondered how they could do that.

"And that damned Alton, " Camie murmurs.

My heart thumps at the mention of him. As Camie continues to insult him the urge to defend him gets strong but I gulp it down.

I notice Fallon looking at me and blush, looking away. The feeling she knew what I was thinking was strong.

"Camie, " Fallon lays a hand on Camies leg to shush her.

She peers up at Fallon in question.

"Is there possibly anything else, Emmie?" Fallon asks.

"No, " I shake my head profusely but the red that stained my cheeks said otherwise.

"Emmie, " Fallon stretches my name while Camie looks between us purely and utterly confused.

"Fine, " I give in.

"He, uh, he told me he loved me a while ago. Though, it was obviously a lie, ever since I can't bare to look at him without feeling weird emotions. My hearts been aching, my stomach hurts, " I try to explain it to them but saying it aloud, it makes it sound like I like like him.

"I-I definitely don't like him if that's what your thinking. I could never, " I quickly add.

Camie smiles widely with her eyes sparkling as if she knows something but Fallon is quick to place a finger over Camie's mouth before a word can leave her mouth. Camie knits her eyebrows together looking at Fallon in confusion. Fallon gives her a look and its like Camie suddenly understands. I'm lost however.

"You'll know sooner than later, love. Your heart will direct you, " Fallon advised with a knowing smile.


"No buts, " Camie cuts in shoving a piece of chocolate in my mouth.

That night, we ended up in my room having an amazing sleep over. At that moment I couldn't have been happier since being here. Though I was happy, my mind wander to Alton and those thoughts entirely messed up my mood.

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