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Emilia's Pov

It was getting late and I still found that I was incredibly still lost. With hours passing and the sun slowly setting; I find myself walking down hallway after hallway mindlessly. I was sure I would come by the staircase but each step I took only led me deeper inside this maze of a home.

Could you even classify something like this a home?

When I thought of a home I thought of somewhere you shared your memories in, bad or good. A place that was warm and friendly and allowed the stress to fall from your shoulders. Home awakened your hearts and made you feel welcome no matter the problem. The size of the home didn't exactly matter, it was the memories that was inside that mattered the most.

The atmosphere that filled the air was cold and dense. I felt nothing but saw plenty.

An open door grabs my attention and draws me to its insides. One step leads up to a large king size bed that sits against one side of the walls with a nightstand beside it with a creamy white lamp on top. Three plush cushions with a velvety red top sit in front of the massive bed. A simple and yet beautiful rectangular carpet is to the center of the room.

A polished brown hardwood flooring is spread all along the floors of the room stopping at the doors to the bathroom and closet. A vanity sits against another wall with a large mirror with gold encrusted at its top sits with it. Another plush velvet seat is in front of it with gold at the bottom of each heel. A bouquet of flowers seat at both ends of the vanity in expensive looking vases.

The top of the room is painted to perfection with detailed brush strokes. Complementing the painting of the top of the room is a gold chandelier that hangs beautifully, along with the lights inside the top walls.

A plasma TV hangs high above a burning fireplace with its remote controls sitting at the fireplaces ledge.

Two glass doors are left open allowing a nice breeze to flow inside.

"Woah, " I whispered out loud.

Taking off my killer heels, I gently place them beside the doorframe before walking inside the large and extremely expensive room. I take my time exploring the insides of the room, touching the silk of the bed, before I head off to the balcony that overlooks the outsides of the house.

The water rushes down from the mouth of fish and lands in the bowl of the fountain creating a peaceful noise. The calming noise causes my body to hum along with the melody that slips out of my mouth accidentally.

"Tell me am I going crazy?

Tell me have I lost my mind?

Am I just afraid of lovin'?

Or am I not the lovin' kind?

Kissin' in the moonlight, Movies on a late night, Gettin' old, I've been there, done that, Supposed to be hot, But it's just cold, Somebody wake up my heart, Light me up, Set fire to my soul, Yeah, Cause' I can't do it anymore, Gimme that can't sleep love, I want that can't sleep love, The kind I dream about all day, The kind that keeps me up all night, Gimme that can't sleep love-"

"Maybe I'm too picky, honey, " A deep but smooth voice sings over my voice softly.

Spinning around quickly with my heart beat accelerating in pace, I come face to face with a handsome lad near my age yet maybe a few years older. A smirk sits placed on his gorgeous features.

A glare crosses my face, my hand attempting to calm the pace of my heart.

"You scared me, " I point sharply.

"Never knew you'd have such a beautiful voice, Loveheart, " he comments charmingly.

"Your flattery is nothing but pish posh, " I scoff. From the look on his face, I can tell his ego's been wounded.

"Aren't you something, " he mutters, "Altons been waiting and we've been looking for you."

I nod curtly before walking past him and slipping on the red heels.

Immediately he begins to walk and I scramble to buckle up the shoes before stumbling to catch up. From the way his shoulders move in the slightest, I can tell he'd done that on purpose. Bastard.

We walk down many hallways in silence before the stairs come into view b

ut we pass it and instead come face to face with a clear glass elevator. My eyes widen in the slightest. The guy turns to me with a smirk after pressing the button only once.

"Has your peasant mind been blown or was it already blown when you enter the BMW that cost more than your whole being?" he questions cockily.

We step into the elevator with him satisfied and my fist clenched in outrage.

"Funny for you to think so. How long did it take your dumbass to come up with that anyways? A day? Maybe two, " his face turns pink with what I think is a mix of embarrassment and anger.

"You, Your so-your poor!" he screeches angrily.

"Nice one, " I clap sarcastically, "i could most likely eat alphabet soup and shit out a better statement then that."

The elevator door dings before the glass doors slid open and I walked out with my head held high. Like a boss.

He trudges passed me with an angry expression and pushes a cream white door open.

"You can't possibly be marrying someone like her!" he raised his voice.

I stand by the entrance, holding one of the doors open. Inside is a long sleek black table with black seats going all around. Woman and men seat around the table with the one and only, Alton.

Altons eyes remain close with one firm hand grasping a drink and the other propping his tilted head up.

"Have you found her?" his deep, creamy and velvety makes my body erupt with goosebumps and suddenly I feel mildly intimidated.

His hair is in a messy state that looks as if he's ran his fingers threw it multiple times. His lips are thin and small but at the same time their pink and very much kissable. The definition of his jaw and cheekbones are sharp and almost model like. He wears a nice black tuxedo with his tie undone in the slightest.

Every woman's eyes rake his body and take him in as if imaganing how he'd look in only his birthday suit. Blushing, I shake my head and scold myself for thinking such ludicrous thoughts but immediately tense with my heart beat picking up when his eyes slowly graze open revealing his intense green eyes.


His eyes pierce mine and I start blushing involuntarily. Slowly his mouth quirks into a pleased smirk, I release a breath and force myself to glare under his sharp gaze.

"You're here, " his smirks turns into a smile, many swoon.

"Appears so, " I reply blandly, turning my eyes to stare at anything but him to avoid fainting or something.

"When I'm talking to you, I'd like if we remained keeping eye contact, " cool fingers touch my chin bringing my face to look at him; allowing myself to lock eyes with him. His eyes twinkle in contradiction to his lips that stay in a thin line.

My starstruck self snaps out of whatever trans I seemed to be in and a glare over takes my features. Snapping my face from his finger tips I take a step backwards to distance myself.

"I don't think I ever asked what you'd like, Mr. Rich, " I snap sassily.

Eyes widen, mouths drop.

His right eyebrow twitches upwards and he walks forward as I walk backwards until we're outside the room. He turns to shut the door, once he's turned around I angrily spit out:"I am not going to marry you."

"What, " his voice booms allowing the vast space inside to echo his voice and mirror his confusion.

"No amount of money you throw at my familiy will get me to marry-"

"I'm Alton Hamilton, the Alton Hamiliton, " he boast proudly.

"And I'm Emilia Loveheart, the Emilia Loveheart. The one that doesn't give two shits about who the hell you are, " I retort.

"I'm trying to comprehend you, " he pinches the bridge of his nose.

"Should I speak a little more slowly?" I question.

"I don't care who you are, " I add hand gestures for more effect and he scowls, his jaw ticking in a weird and yet attractive way.

"I paid your parents, they signed a legal document, " he smirks in the slightest as my face drops.

"Wanna know what that means sweetheart?" he takes a step forward, lowering himself to my ear.

"It means, your mine."

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