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   Chapter 2 chapter two

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Emilia's Pov

I grumbled turning on my sides when I felt something or someone poking me. Scrunching up my face I open my eyes to see my dad poking me. Glaring tiredly I wave his hand away and turn in hopes of getting more sleep.

"Emilia, you're late, " he says almost desperately.

"For what?" I grumble.

"Meeting up with Alton, " his voice drops slightly.

My stomach drops and I turn to look at him. Glaring, I climb out of the sheets and sit atop my bed with a slouch.

"Thought that was a dream, " I murmur sadly.

He let's out a breath before getting on his knees in front of me. Taking my hands in his frail ones he captures my attention. Smiling sympathetically he begins to speak.

"Emilia your mother and I are really sorry we've done this. We didn't think much of it but then we realised it shouldn't be our decision as to whom you marry. Do you think you could ever forgive us?" his eyes are pleading and for a moment I almost give in.

I almost utter the words, 'I forgive you, ' but if I said that, I'd be lying because I didn't. They got to marry each other out of pure love while I'd be forced to marrying this guy. I'd be swiped away of that thing I wanted most in life and it wasn't fair. I spent all my life accepting and loving what I was given in life but the one thing I wanted to be able to control for myself, that thing I wanted to love and cherish forever would be the person I chose to marry.

My parents weren't the only ones to blame, it was Alton to. Why did he want to marry me in the first place? What did I do to him to make him do this to me? Was it just to pick at me, to deprive me of finding actual love?

Even so, I'd be the worst bride he could ever ask for. He's rich and practically royal so when he sees how much of a dork I am he'll surley realise his mistake and change his mind. It'll be quick and easy. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, I'd be back home and single before you know it.

Cracking a fake smile I nod. Disbelieving my smile dad stands and nods before leaving for me to change. Hanging in my small closet is a plastic bag that contains a long, knee length ruby red dress with a lace back. A cream coloured shoe box sits perched atop the shelving of the closet with a unfamiliar jewelry box at my renovated nightstand.

With a head shake, I sigh and walk down the hall into the bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards, I speed walk back into my room and put on my matching black underwear and bra.

I gently take out the dress from the plastic covering and feel the nice cool fabric against the tips of my fingers. Running my hands down the back and fingering the beautifully designed lace I confirm this is the most beautiful dress that I've had the pleasure of wearing.

Slipping on the expensive dress, I zip it up myself before twirling. In this moment I can't help wanting to believe I'm a princess.

Blushing at the thought I grab the shoe box off the shelf and open it up, taking out the wrap to see red heels. Putting them on and standing, I struggle to walk in them and nearly buckle multiple times but make it over to the bathroom with the portable jewelry box in hand.

My mouth gapes as I stare at the necklace, earring and ring placed inside the box. Each material separately could easily match the price of this house. This was almost to much and they were just beautiful. Was it really okay to wear this?

Shaking my head, I settle on just wearing the earrings and necklace. The ring almost looked like it could possibly be an engagement ring and who knows, maybe if I don't wear it he'll get angry and say he doesn't want to marry the likes of me.

I roll my eyes. Rich people.

I braid the sides of my brunette hair into a French braid before pulling the rest of my hair into a Italian bun.

"Emilia! The cars been waiting for half an hour now, " screams my mum.

I clench my fist and stare at my reflection in determination.

"You will not fall in love with Alton and marry him. You will annoy him so much, he'll regret stepping a foot into my life, " smiling I turn and fling the door open with confidence, "time to show him whose boss, "

Wobbling slightly I walk down the hall and towards the doorway where my parents wait. Once my mums catches a glance at me her eyes widen and sparkle brightly, her hands cupping her gaped mouth. She runs over to me and hugs me before pulling away and running her eyes down my body.

"You look beautiful but..." she trails off before her eyes light once more and she sprints down to the master bedroom. She reappears with pink lipstick in her hand.

Twisting it open she swipes some at the bottom of my lip before commanding me to rub my lips together. With a nod of acceptance she smiles and hugs me once more.

"I'm still very sorry about this. Please know we love you, " she whispers in the hug.

"I know, " I say gently before leaving her embrace.

Walking outside, a sleek black SUV awaits me. Slowly walking down the driveway I advance towards the fancy shmancy car. Before I can even think to open the door for myself the driver exits out of his side and is by the door, holding it open for me with his head bowed. I awkwardly whisper a thanks before slipping inside the nice vehicle.

He gets inside and speeds down the road making many turns. I look at the driver from the rearview mirror and notice black sunglasses cover his face and he's dressed in a well manored black suit with a black driver type hat. His head tilts and he looks up at the rear vi

ew mirror as well and catches me staring.

Caught, I quickly turn away and blush a light pink when I hear a small chuckle.

"You were late, " he says monotonously.

"Sorry, " I mutter.

"Oh don't apologize to me, miss. I am only your driver. What does it matter?" I look up to see his lips quirked in an amused smile.

"I don't know if you're being playful or low key angry, " a smile plays at my lips.

"More of sarcastic M'lady. You don't have to apologize to me, " he reassures.

"Plesse don't call me M'lady, its just Emilia. Why shouldn't I apologize? I kept you waiting over half an hour, " I sit up in the leather seat.

"You're of high standard now that your marrying sir Alton, " he explains.

"Ah, no, please don't say that, " I plead with my stomach twisting.

"I'm confused M'l-Emilia, " he corrects himself.

"What I mean is, you're important. No amount of money can take your worth away, " I say honestly.

His face brightens up with a small blush, "thank you, Emilia."

"Please do call me Emmie."

"Will do miss, " he nods with a smile.

I lean back into the seat and sigh as my gaze wanders to the window where I watch the clouds roll by.

"Now infort of Alton's Mansion, " I glance at the window and blink.

Eyes widening, I sit up instantly and gawk at the size of it. It was like 10 of my house into one, maybe I was being a little over the top but it was ginormous. A black and golden gate sits in front of the mansion with two white horse staues beside the gate. The grass is cut nice and neatly to perfection.

Pressing a series of buttons in the SUV, the gate opens inwards revealing a white fountain in the center. My breath gets caught in my throat as we get near the amazing building Alton calls home. How does one person live in such a palace?

"Does he live with anyone else?" I find myself asking though my eyes remain on the house.

"He lives with his younger sister but besides her and the maids who come to clean, that's it, " he explains looking up at the house himself before he looks at me and its now I realise he's taken off his glasses allowing me to see his big hazel eyes.

He gets out of the car, closing it with a small slam before rushing over to my side and opening the door. Sighing I take the hand he holds out for me and slide out. Smoothing out the back of my dress I gently punch at his shoulder.

"God gave me arms and legs for a reason, allow me to use them, " I say teasingly with a small smile, he nods with a polite grin.

Walking around the vehicle, I stop as I face the biggest and most expensive thing I had the pleasure to witness. The driver rolls down the window and honks the car softly causing me to jerk and turn to him.

"Don't be nervous, go with full confidence. That's what'll help you survive in a world like sir Altons', " he advises.

I nod and mouth a thank you but before he can drive off I scream wait and try to speed walk to the car. He rolls the window back down.

"Whats your name?" I question.

"Edwards, miss, " he tips his black hat before driving off and past the gates that slowly come to a close.

Shaking my head I laugh lightly.

Turning, my smile drops. I forgot I had to enter this mansion and not just stare. Is it to late to back out?

"Dont't be nervous, go with full confidence. That's what'll help you survive in a world like Altons'."

That's right. Okay, Emmie you got this. You can do this.

Walking crookedly I approach the marble stairs, walking up them and to the dark mahogany doors. A stone doorbell is placed next to the door with some type of jewel in crusted at the top and bottom of it.

Shaking off my nerves, I ring the door. From outside I can hear the loud chime the doorbell makes followed by a smooth buzz that finishes it off. Waiting over five minutes now, the large door swings open and a young girl appears behind the door in a blue polo shirt and light washed jeans. With her hair pulled up in a ponytail, she stares in puzzlement at me before something seems to click within her.

"Ah, I've been waiting endlessly for you, " she scolds lightly before grabbing my hand and dragging me inside.

My stomach churns as my eyes take in the massive inside. We reach a staircase with red plush carpeting and golden railings with lights at the bottoms. I start to feel lightheaded at the multiple directions all the staircases seem to be going in. The girl pulls me up one of them and takes me through a hallway that contains large creamy pillars.

The floors are sparkling with excellent hardwood flooring. The barricades black with a decorative design.

We turn and go down another hall where this time I see black doors at either side and another exit into another hall that leads to heaven-knows-what.

She pushes the door open and we enter this big beautiful room that's decorated nicely from the light brown and royal blue colors on the queen size bed to the couch that sits in front of it. Dark red nightstands are placed at either sides of the bed with a light fixture on top with elegant glass surrounding it.

"I kinda made a mess in the bathroom so please be sure to clean it up thoroughly, there's laundry that needs to be done as well as maths homework I can't seem to understand, " she slips twenty pounds into my hand before disappearing out of the door.

Blinking I scramble to get her but by the time I get to the door and look outside I'm left with an empty hall.


How would I navigate myself through this maze?

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