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   Chapter 1 Chapter One

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Emilia's P.O.V

"You can't do this!" tears streamed down my face.

I can't believe this was happening to me. What did I ever do to deserve this? I always helped out

The best I could. I took on two jobs, I prepared food, I helped the people who were even less

Fortunate than us so why?

Why had I been sold for marriage?


Let me rewind and explain how I got to that tragic moment in time. It started of as a normal day, Well atleast, what I'd call normal.

I got up exceptionally late for work and scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom in a hurry. I

Quickly took a shower and brushed my teeth before putting on some lotion and tossing on a

Plain white T- shirt and black jeans with my beat up sneakers. It was the best I had.

I put my hair up in a pony tail and ran down the hall to the kitchen where my mum held a small

Cup of tea with a smile.

"Your tea, " I take it with a greatful smile and kiss her cheek.

"Love you, " I grab my fliphone and dash outside and nearly ran to work.

If we had the money for a car I'd take it. I was 19-years-old. I was told I didn't do normal things

Girls my age did, like go out and have fun. Go find a boyfriend.

Truth was, I didn't have time for any of that. With two jobs and school, that proved hard to do.

My parents made a low income and with them old they couldn't do much so as soon as I hit the

Age that allowed for work I set out for a job. But it seemed dispite all my efforts we were still

Near losing our home. We barley ate much because we were saving to pay this months bill, Sometimes our water would shut off and I'd have to go take a shower at my work place.

Despite all of this I couldn't say I felt bitter about it all. As long as I had my parents and the small

Group of friends I had, I was content.

I slipped inside the tea place I worked in and rushed to the back room where I put on my brown

Apron that had my name engraved on the top right. I clock in and turn to go when April, a good

Friend I had here, stops me.

"Emmie, you're late...again, " she scolds lightly. She was co-manager.

"I'm so sorry. It's just, I have so much to do with school and another job. I try but-"

"Emilia, manager said he's had enough of it, " she pauses, face filled with guilt. My stomach

Drops, "Todays your last day."

"Wha-I, please tell me your joking, " I plead desperately, my eyes stinging with unshed tears.

"I wish I could, " she gives me one more sympathetic look before taking off.

I stand there, heart beating fast. What would I do? My other job didn't pay nearly as much as

This one did. Sighing, I wipe at my eyes and head out with my notes and pencil in hand. Maybe

My last pay check would be enough to pay this months bill.

Fakely smiling I head out to take orders for this lovely couple sitting by the windows. The way

The man looked into the woman's eyes conveyed just how much he loved her and the woman

Looked as if cupid himself hit her with his arrow.

I sighed, sometimes even I wanted something like that.

After taking there orders I went on my way to take others when a man in an overly expensive

Suit entered. His hair was styled to perfection, his creamy brown eyes expressionless. His light

Pink lips were pulled into a thin line and clinging to him was a woman in a sky blue dress that

Clung to her, hugging her in the right places.

Her dyed blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and onto her breast in tight ringlet curls.

Makeup covered her face, large earrings dangle from her ear, and white high heels sit under her


Their entrance captured the attention of everyone in the small tea café. Many were murmuring

About them, some just stared but it didn't seem like the two cared much about the people who

Stared at them as if they were wild animals in a zoo. The woman ate up the attention she was

Receiving and even went as far as to flip her hair, stick out her chest onto the mans shoulder and

Smile adoringly at the people.

"Waitress, " the woman snaps her fingers, her gaze meeting mine.

Blinking, I slowly move over to their table almost nervously. They screamed expensive!

As I stood in front of their table the woman blindly ordered our sweet tea with low fat sugar and

Claimed it to be for the both of them. The man didn't seem to care for he was far to busy on his

Expensive looking gold phone.

I nodded and turned away quickly before dashing to the back where I'm immediately given the

Tea they ordered just moments ago. I raise my eyebrow skeptically at Ralph, our tea maker.

"Had the water boiling to a temperature as soon as they stepped foot in here. Now hurry, if they

Give us a bad report we're done for, " he shoos me out.

I speed walk back to their table where the man is still on his phone and the woman talks

Endlessly. I lay their tea on the table and the woman looks up giving me a bright smile.

"Have a nice day, " I speak softly and the mans head instantly lifts from his phone and focuses

On me. I freeze as his eyes bore into mine as if I was his only focus at this time.

His brown eyes intimidate me into wanting to back down and go into hiding but for some reason, Some odd reason, I just stand and stare at him as he stares at me. My heart pounds in what I

Suspect is nervousness.

"Alton, " the woman breaks me out of whatever tr

ans I was in. I blink before a blush spreads out

On my face, the man-Alton, continues to stare in perplexity.

"Um now will go I, " I shake my head and blush harder but turn and rush off into the back area

Where I take off my apron. April rushes inside, eyes wide in excitement.

"What the hell was that?" she asks, taking off her apron and white shirt and putting on an

Expensive looking Polo shirt.

"I don't even know myself, " I shrug, heart still pounding. He was so weird.

"Who is he anyways, " I murmur.

I hear something heavy drop and spin around to see her eyes wide in shock, her duffle bag on

The floor.

"You don't know?!" she nearly screams.

"And I don't care either, " I leave my apron and slid my bag onto my shoulders.

I give one last wave to a shocked April before heading inside another part of the back area. The

Boss sits with an envelope in his hand, as if expecting me. He looks up and gives me a

Sympathetic smile. He stands and hands me the the white paper that contains my last check


"Sorry to let you go, " he pats my shoulder before leaving out the back.

I roll my eyes and grumble, "If you were really sorry to have let me go then you wouldn't of, " I spit bitterly.

I turn and walk out of the small café and back home. Cars pass me by along with other people

On the sidewalk. I pass a playground that has children playing around carefree.

I sigh, if only I could afford to be carefree.

I finally see my small, one story home in view with a sleek black Mercedes Benz Coupe parked

At the side. I blink, what would such an expensive type car be doing here? Did someone leave it

Here to go somewhere else? We didn't have neighbors and cars weren't allowed to be parked

Here unless it belonged to us.

Walking quicker, I walk up the three steps to the door and unlock it. I close the door behind me

As I enter the cold comforts of what I'd like to call home. All is silent.

"Mum, " I call out, dropping my bag.

"Dad, " I call.

"In the kitchen!" they call back in unison and I raise a suspicious eyebrow.

I enter to see my mum wearing a silver dress that drapes down past her knees with silver

Bracelets and earrings that sparkle. Her hair looks like it got done and flats grace her feet nicely.

Dad got his naturally shoulder length hair cut into a nice buzz cut. He wears a suit with dress

Pants and fancy shoes. I blink in surprise.

"Where did-we don't have money for all of this, " I shake my head gesturing to their attire.

"We do now, Emmie. We can pay off ours bills for years to come now and we can even move

Into a two story home if we wanted, " mum smiles but guilt shines in her eyes.

My eyes narrow, "How? We're barley making ends meet and I just lost my job."

"You can go ahead and ditch all your jobs, " my dads eyes crinkle in happiness but again behind

It is guilt.

I shake my head, my hands clenching into fist. I didn't understand what was happening but I

Wanted to know. All of this was confusing me.

"What? What're you saying?" they glance down and my eyes turn into a glare, "Explain."

"Well, we weren't making enough as you know. We were desperately trying to make enough to

Live here and provide food. That's when we were offered money. Tons of it but..." my mum trails

Of, biting her lips.


"It came with a price. The price of your hand in marriage, " dad whispers.

My eyes widened, my heart pounding before I shook my head, I laughed not believing this. They

Wouldn't do this. This was all a prank. Maybe I'd even wake up because this day has been

Nothing but a nightmare.

"You're lying, " I shake my head in disbelief.

"We're sorry, love, " mum whispers sadly.

"What the hell! You didn't even think to consult me?" I say angrily, my emotions were

Everywhere. I was not getting married.


"You've lost the privilege to call me that when you sold me for money! Its Emilia to you, " I shout

With tears streaming down my face.

"We know your hurt, " dad lays his large hand on my shoulders in a comforting way but I shake

My head defiantly, moving away from them.

"You can't do this!" tears streamed down my face.

I can't believe this is happening to me. What did I ever do to deserve this? I always helped out

The best I could. I took on two jobs, I prepared food, I helped the people who ever even less

Fortunate than us so why?

Why had I been sold for marriage?

"Please understand-"


"Who, " mum repeats in confusion.

"Who am I getting married to, " I grit my teeth.

"Alton Hamiliton of Hamoliton Co." dad answers silently.

No way in hell was I going to marry some stuck up rich guy.

"I'm not marrying him, " I shake my head.

Mum let's a tear fall, "We already signed a contract. If we break it we lose everything and we get

Thrown in prison."

"Bloody hell, " I spit in anger.

"You meet with him tomorrow at 8 to discuss plans, " dads eyes hold sadness.

"And you' living with him, " mum says hesitantly.

Overly angry I turn and walk down the hall and to my room, slamming my door shut.

I was 19 for fucks sakes! I'm not even ready for marriage and whose to say this isn't some

Perverted 32 year old weirdo. Granted, he didn't look that old but you never know.

Throwing myself onto my bed I cry myself silently to sleep.

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