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   Chapter 20 Saving the World

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 11880

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Jack and Y/N flew as quickly as possible to Pitch's lair where all the fairies were being held. Jack walked in to see the fairies looking weaker than they had the last time he'd seen them. "Quick we have to open their cages."Jack whispered before he unlocked the first one. This time the fairies didn't fight against them. Y/N got her cage opened first. One of the fairies attempted to fly out but instead more so jumped out. Y/N caught the fairy before putting it back. "Jack"She called and he turned around. "I don't think they can fly anymore. There's no belief in Tooth anymore which means the fairies have no power."she told them. Jack looked at the fairies almost as if to confirm this theory in which they nodded their heads gently agreeing with Y/N. "We have to go to the globe and find the children who still believe because if there weren't any at all than Pitch would have already took over."Jack said and headed to a nearby home with Y/N not too far behind. They climbed into the little girl who had one of North's globes room. "This is the quickest way I could think of"he said turning to Y/N but she was already walking around him into the portal. He chuckled and followed her in. They walked in the globe room where surprisingly no one was at. Jack rushed to the globe that was almost completely black of all lights except one. "We have to go there before the kid stops believing."he said and wrote the location down on a paper. He grabbed herhand before going in the portal again. They came out together and closed the portal before flying to the home of the last believer. They landed on the upper balcony of the home quietly and looked through the window to see a little boy. Ironically it was the same little boy Jack had been messing with the day they reunited. Y/N looked closer in the window and seen the little boy holding a stuffed bunny. "Please show me a sign you exist" the little boy whispered. Nothing happened and he began losing faith in the guardians. Jack seen that and decided to make an egg on the little boy's window hoping it catches his attention. He turns to his window and sees the egg and smiles. Jack smiled and went into the room and made a bunny out of ice. He than looked at Y/N and she smiled before shooting a bit of imagination into the boy and ice bunny which comes to life. The boy laughs and touches the bunny which turns into snow but he can still imagine exactly what it looks like and how it acted. He looks at Jack stunned. "Jack Frost?!"he says surprised. He than looks at Y/N. "Y/N!?". Y/N and Jack look at each other surprised before Jack speaks. "Can you hear and see us?" the little boy nods. Jack starts jumping up and down like a small child before attacking Y/N in a hug who is too shocked and happy to do anything. "What's your name?"Jack asks. "Jamie, I'm 8 years old."Jamie replied. All of a sudden everyone hears the sounds of North's sleigh bells. They walk out onto the balcony and look down to see two pale looking guardians and an very adorable bunny. Jamie starts jumping up and down before he runs downstairs and outside. Y/N and Jack jump over the railing and land on the ground. "Where's Bunnymund and when'd you guys get the adorable bunny?" Y/N asks. "Hey, I might be a small bunny but that doesn't mean I can't hurt you with my awesome ninja skills" a tiny voice yelled from the ground. "Bunnymund!?" Y/N says surprised at the same time North grunts from the hug from Jamie. "Oh my gosh. You're Santa Claus, Tooth fairy, and Easter bunny"Jamie says clearly excited. "Yes they are but we

d to get to the infirmary quick. Y/Ns in labor"Jack says trying not to panic. North tells the deer to go faster and they do. In a few minutes they're at the north pole rushing Y/N into the infirmary. "Jack I swear I am going to kill you again for causing me this pain!"Y/N screams not meaning it. "Just hold on we're almost there Y/N"he says.

~5 hours later~

"They're so beautiful and handsome."Y/N whispers staring at her two babies. Jack and Y/N had twins. A baby girl and baby boy. They named their daughter Bella Rose Frost and their son Ashton Cole Frost. "You did such a wonderful job Y/N" Jack said looking at his two miracles. "What do you think they'll be guardians of?"Y/N asks since the babies were born guardians. "I don't know but I'm sure it'll be wonderful."he says. He looks at Y/N. "Can I hold Bella and than Ashton?"he asks. She smiles and nods. Jack delicately grabs his daughter. "I'll protect you forever because you're my little princess."Jack whispers softly still smiling. Ashton was born crying with his eyes wide open revealing his (E/C) eyes and snow white hair while Bella was born not crying and inherited Jack's ice blue eyes, she did have her mother's hair though. "Want any more kids?"Jack asks jokingly. Y/N shrugs. "So Y/N what do you think about marriage?"Jack says suddenly. Y/N looks at him. "I think it's an lovely idea. Why?" She asks rocking Ashton to sleep. "I was thinking we could get married as."He says watching his already sleeping daughter. "Aren't we married already technically though. We got married when we were humans." Y/N said. "Well than let's renew our vows because it is no longer just me and you. It's me you and our children."Jack says. "That sounds like a good idea but let's wait until they're walking so Ash can be our ring bearer and Bella can be our flower girl"Y/N told him and yawned. "Seems like a good idea to me"he says and puts the baby in a crib that the elves made while Y/N was in labor. He grabs Ashton and puts him in the other crib. "Get some sleep, we have our family right in here with us. No need to worry"Jack says and kisses her forehead before walking to the other hospital bed and laying down. In that moment Y/N had everything she wanted. A loving husband, two beautiful kids, and the best of friends. Life couldn't get any better.

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