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   Chapter 19 Memories

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 5457

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Jack woke up before Y/N did and looked around and spotted his staff. It was broken in half so he had no way to escape and make sure that the other 2 stayed safe. He than spotted Baby tooth lying not far from Y/N and crawled over to them. He grabbed Y/N first and tried waking her up with a light shake but she wouldn't wake so he shook a little harder. Her eyes fluttered open and looked around before focusing on Jack. "Are you okay? Is the baby ok?"he asked examining her for any type of injuries. "I'm fine but I'm not sure about the baby. I haven't felt him move since I woke up"she said and began to panic. "Calm down, I want you to use your powers and put seen a light stream of imagination to him. He should respond and move around a bit."Jack spoke and put his hand on her stomach. Y/N breathed in through her nose before concentrating and sending very little imagination to her baby. They sat waiting for a minute before she felt the slightest movement. Y/N and Jack's face lit up and they released a sigh of relief. Jack than grabbed Baby Tooth who wasn't too badly injured. "I'm so sorry Baby Tooth. If I hadn't been an idiot and payed attention than this wouldn't have happened. If I could just remember something than maybe I'd know what to do and what not to do."Jack spoke softly. Y/N frowned knowing exactly how he felt. If they both could have their memories than maybe they wouldn't screw up so much and cause the guardians to hate them more than they already do. Baby tooth pointed at a rock and chirped. They looked at her confused before Baby Tooth frustratingly sighed and tried to fly out of Jack's wings to the gr

. Jack grabs Y/N and pulls her into a passionate kiss in which he collides their lips together. He pulls away from her and stares at her with loving eyes. "I remember everything. I know why the moon man chose me."he whispered caressing her cheek. She nods her head as a tear rolls down her face. They smile happily at each other. "I have to fix my mistakes."he says and pulls her up. Jack begins walking around searching for the two halves of his staff that he found earlier when he first woke up. He finds it and begins to brainstorm ways to fix it when he remembers he is the spirit of winter so he can control all of winter's elements. Y/N watches in amazement as Jack brings the staff together and closes his eyes as he concentrates and puts all his power into it. The staff begins to glow blue causing Jack to open his eyes and watch in curiosity. The glowing stops and Jack smiles seeing that he has fixed it. "We have to go rescue the other fairies Y/N"he says and grabs her hand. She smiles and follows Jack as they take flight.

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