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   Chapter 18 Confrontation

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 3763

Updated: 2018-08-21 19:42

Y/N and Jack flew into the air not long after the other guardians left heading for Antarctica. The fly there was silent still slightly tense from earlier's outburst. After 20 minutes of flying they landed wanting to take a break. Y/N looked at Jack. "Why did we come here Jack?" she asked. "This is where my last memory as a human was before I died which isn't much. I figured if I came to where it all started I might be able to stop making so many mistakes."he said looking at the grey sky that dropped flecks of snow onto them. "Jack I have nothing here. The only memory I had was your face." she told him. He looked at her. "I know but maybe if we stay here long enough we'll be able to get our memories back without using our teeth."he said and looked at the golden container that held a picture of his face on it. Y/N sighed and looked at hers. "It hurts doesn't it?"a menacing voice said from behind them. They turned and seen Pitch with an evil grin, he continued talking. "They didn't believe you when you tried to tell them about the teeth but that is to be expected from them. I mean they are the official guardians bu

the only thing that gave Jack the power to control Snow. Pitch laughed evilly before looking and smirking at Jack. "Did you really think I would give you the fairy? Oh Jack, you're so naive to think that."Pitch said before sending a stream of nightmare sand at him."Jack!"Y/N screamed trying to stop him from falling into the canyon of ice but was struck by the nightmare sand as well. Y/N began flying back and curled up protecting her stomach to the best of her ability. Her back hit the ground and the pain in her back was overwhelming. She began to fade in and out of conscious when she heard Pitch yelp in pain and than a small thud next to her. She closed her eyes letting the darkness take over.Other stories written by us-His LunaYou're mine

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