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   Chapter 16 Easter egg hunting

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Y/N and Jack began painting the eggs although Y/N was finishing quicker than Jack was due to her being the guardian of imagination. Jack groaned when he looked at Y/N eggs seeing that she had almost 10 done and he had only gotten through 4. "Why did I suggest that we do the eggs?"he mumble. Y/N chuckled and stopped doing her eggs for a moment to help Jack. "Its easy just use your imagination" Y/N softly told Jack as she painted one of his eggs. "Easy for you because you're the guardian of imagination. I on the other hand am the guardian of fun."Jack said pouting. "Than paint the eggs what you think is fun. Maybe you can do some baby inspired eggs." Y/N said and kissed his cheek before returning his cheek. Soon enough Jack had finished all his eggs some were baby themed while others were just purely random and fun. Y/N smiled at him. "Told ya. I think we can hide the eggs too since we have about 6 hours until children will go searching for eggs."Y/N said just as the others came in for the eggs. "Are they done? We need to start hiding them."Bunnymund spoke. "They're ready. Me and Y/N have decided to help you guys in hiding the eggs."Jack announced. Everyone nodded their heads before climbing into the sleigh and heading to the only place that hadn't gone easter egg hunting yet. Everyone got out and had two bags full of eggs. "Make sure you don't make the eggs too obvious but don't hide it to where no one can find it." Bunnymund told everyone before hopping away and beginning to hide eggs. Everyone watched him for a moment observing the gigantic bunny become somewhat child like while hiding the eggs. Bunnymund turned to look at everyone. "Get to hiding!"he yelled. Everyone jumped into action. Tooth was hiding her eggs at the beginning of the Easter Egg hunt while North had gone a bit further than everyone else to hide his. Y/N and Jack hid their eggs near and inside of

Bunnymund's Easter tunnels. Y/N looked around and seen the eggs before realizing that baby tooth wasn't with them anymore. "Oh no the eggs are destroyed and Baby tooth is gone!"Y/N exclaimed. All the guardians walked over with a disappointed look. "While you guys were gone the nightmares came and destroyed all the Easter eggs. Not one of them survived."Bunnymund spoke sadly. "Where did you guys get those? Where's Baby tooth?"Tooth asked pointing at the scrolls that was in Jack and Y/N's hands. They began to speak but couldn't say anything because they didn't know what to say and how to explain that Baby Tooth had been taken. "How could you? We trusted and helped you and this is how you repay us! By working with Pitch and making a trade with him!"North's voice boomed. "It's not like t-" Y/N began but was cut off by Bunnymund. "Be quiet. You've done enough already. Don't bother coming back to the shop."he said. Y/N began to silently cry as she watched her old friends climb into North's sleigh. Jack wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry we'll get through this."Jack whispered to Y/N. "Where do we go?"Y/N spoke through her tears. "Where we belong. Antarctica"Jack said.

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