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   Chapter 14 Never forgotten

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 3800

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"Um Sandy, he's still awake and so is his dog"Jack says scratching the back of his head. Sandy rolls his eyes and covers both the boy and his dog in his sleep dust. Theyall began to try and wake the other guardians up when theyhear a menacing laugh. They all turn and see Pitch causing Jack to put Y/Nbehind him. Pitch just laughs once more before falling out the window. Theyall run to the window and see Pitch next to his nightmares in which he commands to attack all the children's dreams. Sandy begins to fight the nightmare with the help of Y/N and Jack but they get split in the event. While Sandy fights higher up, Jack and Y/N fight on the ground and are soon confronted by Pitch. They began to fight Pitch alone until Sandy comes in and slams Pitch against the wall. Jack and Y/N backs off allowing Sandy to handle Pitch. "I wouldn't want to be on the Sandman's bad side if I were you Pitch."Jack says and Pitch begins cowering in fear. "Please Sandman have mercy. I promise that I'll never give out nightmares to anyone ever again. Just please have mercy."Pitch says watching Sandy's sand grow up his neck. Pitch smiles and laughs

mund like we helped Tooth. All we'd have to do is hide eggs right?"Y/N suggested. Everyone looked at her. "That could work"Tooth said. "It's not just hiding eggs though! We have to paint them and make sure they look fun."Bunnymund spoke. "Well that isn't too hard kangaroo. Me and Y/N can paint the eggs and you, North, and Tooth will go hide them. We can make this happen by tomorrow morning."Jack said wrapping his arms around Y/N's waist. "Fine but you mess up one single egg and I'm going to go ninja on you and I'm not a kangaroo! I'm a bunny."Bunnymund yelled the last bit. "Whatever helps you to sleep at night"Jack said causing Y/N to chuckle. "What are we waiting for lets get painting!"North yelled.Other stories written by us-His LunaYou're mine

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