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   Chapter 13 Keep Believing

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 5278

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I was thinking about what I would do if my child was born human and not guardian.Would I find a way to become a human too? If I did become human would I tell my child that I was a guardian before she or he was born? What would I do to give my child the normal life it deserves if he/she was born human?"Hey what's wrong Y/N?"Jack asked flying closer to me. I looked at him. "If you are my baby's father what are we going to do if it is born human? You know that I don't want to watch my child die in front of me."I told him. He looked me in my eyes. "We are going to keep the baby and we are going to make the best of what we have. We're going to search for something that will keep our child with us forever or we are going to figure out a way to join it."he said and grabbed my hand squeezing it. I smiled at him as we flew closer to the grounds of South America. We landed in a park that I remember once being full of children who had much imagination. Now it was just plain, all the things that the children had once built with a bit of my help now was falling to the ground. I frowned. "Hey Y/N lets make gathering the teeth a bit more interesting"Jack said jumping up and down. I looked at him curiously. "I'm listening." I told him and crossed my arms. "Whoever gathers more teeth wins but you cannot wake the child if you do you must still gather the tooth but it won't be counted"he told me with a big smile. "Ok that sounds fun. This is through out both Americas and Canada right?"I asked him and he nodded his head. "See you in a bit than." I said and kissed hi

he told me shaking her head. "Well let's go out and drop the gifts off together"North suggested. We all nodded and climbed into the sleigh. We flew around the world dropping the gifts off and were almost completely done when we arrived in a little boy's room. Ironically it was one of the same children that Jack had been messing with the day that we met again. I smiled as Bunnymund began to put the gift under his pillow. I guess he was in a bit of rush because he knocked some things over that woke both the boy and his dog. Bunnymund calmly tried to act like the child was dreaming but failed due to me and Jack having a mischievous moment. Jack and I both use our powers to cause the alarm to go off and the dog attacks Bunnymund. Me and Jack began laughing not noticing that Sandy was trying to put the boy and dog to sleep but only succeeded in putting all the guardians except me, Jack, and of course himself.

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