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   Chapter 11 Plans Part 2~

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 1692

Updated: 2018-08-21 19:39

Tooth's POV

I can't believe they're gone. All of the fairies except one. I couldn't do anything to save them. I'm a failure as a Guardian. Why does everyone else try to cheer me up? They waste their energy on me.

Jack walked to me and held his hand out. Toothwas sitting far away from everyone else, shehad to collect thoughts, the fairies were like my own children. Jack's voice pulled me from my thoughts. "Come on Tooth it's time"he said and pulled me up. We all began walking over to North who sat

this is an extremely short chapter but right now me and lemon/siyd are super busy with sports and other things. I would really appreciate if you guys could pm me or lemon/siydsome ideas for the next chapter so we can start updating the book a little quicker than it has been.


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