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   Chapter 8 Talking

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 2670

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(Y/N) and Jack went into North's office and locked the door behind them. Jack turned to(Y/N) who was staring out the window behind North's large desk in the middle of the room. She was lost in thought, she didn't want to face Jack, anymore than she wanted Pitch to take her-their, child away. He walked up behind her and put his cold hand on her shoulder. She didn't finch at his touch, just like Jack, the cold didn't bother(Y/N) in the slightest. "(Y/N). We need to talk about this before it's to late."(Y/N) still stared out the window. "We could ask Tooth for our teeth, they will give us our memories and we will know if I'm the father." "If the baby is yours...what do you think we should do with him or her?" Jack didn't hesitate with his answer. "We should keep it. It's just a baby and we don


Horses made of black sand flew around the workshop, knocking over toys, injuring yetis, and creating little nightmares everywhere. They were capturing the little fairies and flying off with them to who-knows-where.

The fight had only just begun.


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