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   Chapter 5 Isolation

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 2222

Updated: 2018-08-21 19:38

(Y/N)'s mouth hung open. She couldn't believe the words Jack was saying. She couldn't be pregnant, that's impossible, she's immortal! She can't have children! Let alone a child that's Jack's! They were great friends, how could she have gotten pregnant by him? It was a lot to take in. She got out of her hospital bed and left the room. Nobody stopped her, they knew she needed some space to think it all through.

(Y/N) flew up to a ledge on North's workshop. She looked out the window and to the never ending snow outside. Looking outside of windows calmed her for some reason. It allowed her to think, how could she have gotten pregnant? Did she know Jack before MM chose them? Were they a couple? She had a few memories about him but they were so fuzzy she couldn't grasp them and examine them better.

(Y/N)felt another presence near her. She turned her head, thankfully it wasn't Jack, she didn't want to see him then. It was Tooth, she put a hand on(Y/N)'s shoulder, "Are you okay (Y/N)? North told me and Bunnymund what happened, we'reworried for you."(Y/N) could feel tears burning her eyes. She too

k a deep breath and tried to force themback. "I honestly don't know how to feel. I'm most likely pregnant with Jack's baby, I don't know if the baby is going to be immortal or if I'm to have to have to watch him or her die in front of my eyes, and I probably have even developed feelings for Jack." The tears started to fallon their own.

"Can I be left alone Tooth? I'm not trying to be mean, I just need some thinking time." Tooth nodded. She flew off leaving(Y/N) alonefor a while. She considered speaking with Jack just to be able to discuss how the baby is his, but there was to high of a chance of her breaking down.

(Y/N) stayed in isolation for the rest of the day.


A little shorter than normal and it's not as good ad I want it to be, but it's 6 a.m. so my mind isn't even fully awake yet XD

Also I'm really close to 100 followers and it would be awesome for it to happen before my Spring Break which is in about three weeks! Let's make it happen, do it for(Y/N) and Jack's unborn baby! XD

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