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   Chapter 3 The Results

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First off I want to say thank you guys so much for 40+ reads! That's amazing, it went up so fast, I didn't know that so many people liked Jack Frost. Also, updates will possibly come quicker because I can use my computer now so expect more, but not too much.

Anyway on to the chapter!


"(Y/N)and Jack Frost. The Man in the Moon has chosen the two of you to become Guardians." North's voice boomed, causing both of them to stare at him open-mouthed.

"Huh!?" They both exclaimed, simultaneously.


North didn't reply, making his way toward the workshop. Tooth flew, following him, while the Easter Bunny continued behind them. Jack gave (Y/N) a helpless look and took her hand before falling in their pursuit.His icy blue eyes were focussed on the workshop, and she followed his gaze. It looked intimidating from the outside, with the sharp icicles screaming Run away!at them. However, on closer inspection, (Y/N) noticed that the rest of the building had a rather cosy look to it. She longed to go inside and sit in front of a blazing fire -- the cold didn't make her uncomfortable, but she liked the feeling of warmth anyway. It made her feel more human.

Looking up, (Y/N) realized that she had zoned out and found that they were already inside the workshop, which was bustling with activity. Jack was conversing with the others, and she caught on to what they were talking about.

"So are you, Tooth and Bunny Rabbit Guardians too?" Jack asked.

"It's E. Aster Bunnymund!" The Easter Bunny – Bunnymund – replied indignantly.

"Now! Don't fight! The two of you have been chosen by MM to become Guardians!" He exclaimed, and Tooth gleefully clapped her hands. (Y/N) momentarily wondered if she was drunk, but dismissed the thought quickly.

Jack shook his head at North. "But surely, there has been a misunderstanding. We must—"

"Agh! Yes, we must celebrate! Sound the horns!" North proclaimed, who was clearly too joyous to notice the look of annoyance that masked Jack's face.

As if they had been waiting for their cue, yetis materialized from thin air and started blowing horns; and one even brought a huge book to North. Jingling music with impromptu trumpet-calls and horn-sounds filled (Y/N)'s ears. Furry yetis offered Jack and(Y/N) pointy blue shoes, which they politely declined. Someone grabbed her arm, and she found herself in the midst of yetis who were dancing and singing. Looking to her left, she saw that Jack was trapped in a similar situation. The circles converged, and she gave a desperate look to Jack, holding her stomach, which was becoming increasingly distressed. She felt a cold string around her neck, and discovered a mint-smelling necklace made entirely of snowflakes resting there; Jack was trying to yank a likewise neckpiece off his head. Suddenly, the blaring music stopped and the yetis made a ring around the both of them with North between Jack and her. As the mayhem cleared, North started to read from the book.

"I hereby declare Jack Frost and—"

"Wait, wait, hold up! We never said we wanted to be Guardians!" Jack exclaimed, interrupting North and silencing all the yetis. They dropped their horns and looked up to him with upset expressions. North slowly closed the book and raised an eyebrow at Jack, as if daring him to go ahead. Jack ignored him, and taking advantage of the silence, continued his explanation.

"We were forced into a sack and brought into the middle of the North Pole. We are no Guardians! We didn't even know all of you before we came here, and I most definitely don't want to get to know Bunny Rabbit right here." He stated, earning a scowl from Bunnymund. The silence which followed the comment was almost tangible, and (Y/N) giggled, she found the situation funny for some reason. Tooth looked at(Y/N), flew over to her and started looking at her teeth.

"Oooh! Look at her teeth! They're probably the best I've ever seen! Look at her molars! They're white as snow!" (Y/N) tried to tell her to stop, but found it rather impossible to speak when someone was hovering over you, poking this way and that in your mouth.

Bunnymund rolled his eyes at Tooth. "Tooth, get yourfingers out of the poor girl'smouth, " he spoke in his Australian accent, causing Tooth to reluctantly leave (Y/N)'s mouth alone. (Y/N) sighed in relief, and saw North looking sadly at Jack and her.

"You don't want to become Guardians?" He asked, with a melancholic look in his pale blue eyes. (Y/N) felt for him, but half-heartedly shook her head. She couldn'

t be a Guardian, could she?

"Sorry North, I guess we don't feel right being Guar—"

(Y/N) broke in the middle as she suddenly felt nauseous. Falling to her knees, she heard the crowd around her calling out her name, but a wave of dizziness reigned over her. Their voices sounded distant, as if she was submerged under water and their faraway calls were the shouts of life-guards. She saw a pale figure shake her shoulders —Jack? — and the last sound she heard was him shouting her name before she succumbed to the darkness.

~ (Imagine there being a little infirmary in the North Pole) ~

(Y/N) woke up on a little hospital bed. Harsh white light entered her eyes which caused her to shut her eye-lids. She felt a cool pillow under her head, and soft linen sheets over her. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she opened them and saw that she was lying on a white cot, which vaguely resembled a hospital bed. Electric equipment was neatly arranged around her bed, and some tubes connected her arms and chest to a few monitors. Periodic beeps sounded after regular intervals, which helped her get back in focus.

She heard yetis, North and Jack talking, their voices sounding muffled through her jumbled thoughts. She slowly removed a patch from her chest, and sat up, immediately regretting her decision, as pain coursed through her body. She turned to her right and saw a pale green curtain, which separated her from the people on the other side. She was about to call out for help, when she heard her name being said sharply. She knew she shouldn't eavesdrop, but couldn't help overhearing the conversers on the other side of the curtain.

"She has to be! There isn't any other explanation for why (Y/N) is like this." She heard North speaking. What was he talking about? Did she have some kind of disease? She inched closer to the curtain, to hear more.

"But is it even possible for Guardians to have kids?" Jack's voice sounded in her ears, laced with worry. Kids? Why were they talking about having kids?

Desperately wanting to gain more information, (Y/N) stepped down from the bed, wincing in pain. She grasped the head of the cot, and went to stand next to the curtain.

"I don't know, maybe we shou—"

The discussion unexpectedly stopped, as (Y/N) realized that she'd accidently upset a glass of water kept next to her bed, which lay shattered on the ground. She felt heat rise to her face, as she'd been caught listening in. Slowly, a pale hand, which she assumed to be Jack's, drew apart the curtain, and she saw two old yetis, North and a very distraught Jack on the other side. Jack came forward and hurriedly spoke up.

"Oh!(Y/N)! You're awake! I didn't know you'll wake up!'re you feeling?" He tried to act casual but (Y/N) that they were hiding something from her. Jack never spoke so disturbed in normal circumstances, and the yetis were shuffling nervously behind him. Only North had a calm demeanour about him, but she suspected it was pretence.

"I'm fine, " she hesitantly allowed, "but I heard what you and North were talking about. What's the matter?" Jack's face paled, if it was possible for him to even look paler, and (Y/N) immediately sensed that something was wrong.

"We – we weren't talking about anything, " Jack laughed uneasily. "We were just wondering when you were gonna come around. Are you – are you hungry?"

(Y/N) took a deep breath and crossed her arms. He had never hidden something from her; why wasn't he opening up now?

"I heard you were talking about Guardians having kids. What about that?" She said. Jack looked like he was ready to be swallowed by the earth.

" heard that?" He stuttered. (Y/N) nodded. When he didn't continue, she tapped her foot and raised her brows at North. He coughed and urged Jack to continue.

"Yeah, uh, when you passed out and the yetis were testing you and stuff, they found out something..." Jack fidgeted and brushed a hand through his unkempt hair.

"Found out what, Jack?" She snapped, as her patience was wearing thin now.

Jack took a deep breath, preparing to deliver (Y/N) the news. His blue eyes locked with hers, and she saw that his pupils were extremely dilated. With a quivering voice, he told her the news, even though (Y/N) thought she already knew what he was going to say.

"You're pregnant (Y/N), and North thinks that I'm the father."

How was that? Terrible? Did I make you upset with the cliff-hanger?

Deal with it bro! Haha!

Love you guys! <3

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