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   Chapter 2 Reuniting

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(Y/N)'s P.O.V

(Y/N) was flying around in the frosty winter, making sure that all children could make anything possible with their imaginations. She watched a few children play with snow; they were making snow-angels andsnowmen, and someof them were throwing snowballs at each other.

Gliding ahead, she noticed a figure throwing snowballs into the air. Every now and then a snowball would hit someone, but the children didn't seem to notice that. After observing for a while, she realized that they didn't see him; it was as if he was invisible to them.She flew down to where they all were playing and looked more closely at the boy, and with an agitated feeling in her stomach, she registered the fact that she recognized him. That was the boy she remembered seeing when she woke up! The eyes, the face, everything matched theboy in her memory --but what could he be doing here? Nervously, she flew farther down and stopped on the ground. Inching ahead, she paused a few steps behind him, and gathered the courage to tap him on his shoulder.

"Hi?" It came out more as a question, as (Y/N) didn't know for sureif he recognized her. He turned around and stared at her for a moment, as though he was in shock. Then, not even giving her the time to introduce herself, he surprised her by embracing her in a tight bear-hug.

"(Y/N)! I thought I would never find you!" He exclaimed, burying his head into her neck.(Y/N)'s arms wrapped around the boy before her mind knew what she was doing. She had so many questions, but settled on the one she felt was most urgent.

" do you know my name?" She asked as she released her grasp from around the boy. Before he could answer, she continued, "When I woke up as a Guardian, I remembered one face, and it was yours. I don't know why but I knew I had to find you."

"The same thing happened to me." The boy shrugged. They both stood in silence for a few moments, before the boy coughed and spoke up, "Well now that we're reunited I guess, should we catch up? I'm Jack Frost by the way, if you didn't remember."

She smiled at him, and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in. Ever since she had woken up, she felt an emptiness inside her, and meeting Jack seemed to have eased that uneasy feeling.

"Yeah, Jack let's--"

She was abruptly cut off by the feeling of vomit risingin her throat. (Y/N) turned away from Jack to puke out the contents of her stomach. She felt Jack's arms steady her, and he held back her hair as she threwup. Coughing out the last of the discharge, she wiped her mouth and drank water from the little bottle she had with her.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked her with an anxious frown forming on thedelicate features of his face.She nodded, not wanting to speak up right then lest she should throw up again. Jack regarded her, skeptically, but he didn't push her to talk. After a few moments of tranquility, she felt stable enough to open her mouth without feeling too sick.

"I'm fine, I'vejust been a little sick lately." She paused, frowning a bit. "I don't know why, Guardians don't usually get sick." Jack had a look of worry on his face, but shrugged it off. As they roamed about together conversing and joking, (Y/N) soon forgot about the incident, and laughed along with his mischievous personality. Only that day, did she realize, that it was the first time she had laughed with genuine mirth ever since she woke up as a Guardian.

For the next few days they both talked and got to know one another better. (Y/N) found herself finding more and more reasons to make him laugh, as the way his eyes crinkled with happiness made her forget the emptiness in her stomach with more and more conviction. She would occasionally feel sick, but she constantly told Jack that she wasfine. She knew that he didn't completely believe her, but he played long and didn't question her, even when (Y/N) found it almost impossible to believe her lies herself.

One day they were walking around as usual, and Jack kept making the snow-day miserable for children by throwing freezing snow down their backs. (Y/N) scolded him and told him to stop, but Jack only smiled mischievously and threw snow at her. She laughed and ducked, the snow missing her by an inch. Jack shrugged and threw more snow at some children who passed them.

"Stop doing that! What have they done to you?" (Y/N) laughed and asked him, defending a passing boy from an attack of snow by Jack.

"They don't believe in me, it's their fault." Jack

explained in a matter of fact tone, as if that reason explained everything.

(Y/N) shook her head, hiding the smile that was threatening to form on her face. She brushed off the hair that was coming in her face from the chilly winter winds. "That's not a very good excuse, I think tha--"

(Y/N) was abruptly cut off in the middle as she felt someone grab her waist and throw her into a huge red sack. Before she could scream out for help, Jack suffered a similar fate and was pushed into the sack along with her. As they were both carried in the uncomfortable sack to some far off place, (Y/N) heard Jack's voice asking her something, but his voice became more and more muffled as an aura of dizziness possessed her. Jack's shouts were the last thing she heard, before passing out cold in the sack.

"(Y/N)? Are you awake, (Y/N)?" (Y/N) heard a soft voice calling out to her. She slowly opened her eyes, that were still heavy with drowsiness. Reluctantly, she shifted into a sitting position and immediately registered three things. First, that she was still inside the sack. Second, that it was immensely frigid, and she felt a numbing sensation spread across her body. And third, and Jack was staring at her as if she'd just risen from the dead.

"What?" She said, feeling self-conscious.

"I thought you were dead." He half-whispered, in a raspy voice. She could see his ivory hair was tousled wildly all over his head, and the proximity between the both of them made her head swim.

"Let them out!" (Y/N) heard a sharp voice scream, outside the sack. She felt Jack shift to a crouch as she herself took a defensive position, facing the mouth of the sack. She heard some shuffling and bright white light streamed inside the dark sack. Jack nodded at her and went out first, and she followed. As her eyes adjusted to their new surroundings, she saw that they were standing in a region such that if you randomly shut your eyes, took seven rounds and opened them, there was a 99% chance that your sight would land on snow. In front of her stood a gigantic structure, with stalactites hanging from every corner and side.

"That's Santa's Workshop!" She heard a voice chirp, and saw that a woman with feathers on her head had spoken. She looked authoritative, with peacock colors all over her, but smiled at her and Jack. "I'm the Tooth-fairy, and you both are in the North Pole!"

"Say what?" Jack asked, in an amazed tone. (Y/N) was in shock-- she couldn't even open her mouth to ask one question, let alone the million queries her mind was bursting with. She believed whatever the Tooth-fairy had just said, after all, she could see toys everywhere, and little yetis were running around trying to get the flying toys back to ground. But...were they really at the North Pole?

"She said, you both are at the North Pole." A sly-looking rabbit with long whiskers spoke up.

"Who-- who are you?" (Y/N) finally found her voice to ask something.

"I'm am the Easter Bunny. E. Aster Bunnymund." The Rabbit said, as if it was completely obvious.

"Of course you are." Jack said sarcastically. The Easter Bunny glared at him, but didn't say anything. He huffed and turned back to face (Y/N).

"Pleasant meeting you. By the way, that is North over there, " he told her, pointing at a huge man with broad shoulders. Everything about him looked terrifying, save his long beard and whiskers that looked like a waterfall of milk. He smiled at her, and (Y/N) decided that she liked him.

"Look, guys, nice meeting you and all, but do you mind telling us why you dragged us all the way here?" Jack asked, walking and standing close to (Y/N), with a slight frown on his face.

"Actually, " The Tooth Fairy began, "we didn't --" She stopped bluntly, looking over at North. He nodded slightly and came to stand directly in front of Jack and (Y/N), making her feel slightly queasy.

"(Y/N)and Jack Frost. The Man in the Moon has chosen the two of you to become guardians." His voice boomed, causing both of them to stare at him open-mouthed.

"Huh!?" They both exclaimed, simultaneously.


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