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   Chapter 1 The Day They Died

The Guardians' Child (Jack Frost x Reader) By BonitaAJ Characters: 2635

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(Y/N) and Jack were ecstatic to find out that they were going to have a baby. They had planned everything out;they were going to get a house, have good jobs, and go to college. But none of that could happen now.

300 Years Earlier(Jack)

The winter air was cold against Jack's face, it blew his brown hair in every direction. He didn't care though, he was too excited to ice skate with his sister. They reached the small pond which had turned to ice not tolong ago. Jack put on his ice skates and skated around the pond for a little bit, laughing as he glided over the ice.He then looked at his sister who had a scared look on her face. He went over to her, helped her get her skates on and then brought her out, slowly, onthe ice. He grabbed her hands and skated around with her. She laughed and it made Jack feel extremely joyful. They stopped and doubled over in laughter, and that was when they heard the first cracks.

Jack looked beneath his feet, with a terrified expression on his face. The ice was cracking beneath their feet.

"Jack, I'm scared." Her panicked voice matched her face, whichwas full of terror.

"It's alright, just don't move." He hoped he sounded more confident than he felt.

The fissures in the ice started to deepen. Jack knew he had to act fast. Hemoved towards his sister, an

d threw her onto the soft snowy banks of the pond with all the force that he could muster. He started sliding towards her, but realized with a shock that his foot was sinking.

"Jack!" That was the last thing he heard, before he fell into the freezing water.

300 Years Earlier (Y/N)

(Y/N) was walking down the street looking for a baby supply store. She looked every where but there weren't any in sight. After hours of fruitless walking, she finally gave up on the search, but she continued to walk around the small town. She imagined bringing her and Jack's child out on walks, going to the park to play, and eating at nice restaurants. She smiled at the thoughts, and absently hummed to herself. She let her imagination run wild for a moment when a scream pulled her back to reality.

She saw a young mother looking at a child in horror as he was crossing the street onhis own, and a car driving at an unimaginable speed was coming straight towards him. Coming to her senses, (Y/N) ran across the street, picked the child up and pushed him in the direction ofthe young mother. The woman caught him and looked up tosmile at(Y/N), but she was gone. She was stuck underneath the car for a minute but then she disappeared.

That is how it all began...

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