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   Chapter 74 Epilouge

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5 years later...

I smiled at the pair in front of that were bickering over a toy. "Mama, Kay has my toy." My fouryear old son, Jasper, whined.

"You have to learn to share, he likes playing with those toys too." I felt arms wrap around my waist, as a head rested on my shoulder.

"But there are some things you dont have to share with your brother, son. Just like I dont share Mommy with anyone else." I slapped his arm.

"No wonder he doesnt want to share, hes just like his father." He laughed at me as the doorbell rang. "Go answer the door."I murmured as I picked up our two year old.

Kaiden stuck his fingers in my hair, entangling them tightly and pulling slightly. "Kaiden, what have I told you about pulling my hair."

The two year old giggled, and pulled his fingers out of my hair as we walked to the door, with his brother by my side. I smiled when I seen our growing family in the living room.

Wed discover not long after the fight, that Drew was Imanis mate but, sadly due to him being human, he did not love her as intensely or as much as did, which made their relationship very rocky.

Some days, he was head over heels, in love with her, other days he just didnt feel anything for her, and wanted to find a human companion.

Today, was a good day for them, she was sat on his lap, in the corner of the room on one of our single chairs. "Hey sis, see youve got the little monsters with you."

I frowned, prepared to scold him for calling my babies, monsters. "Hes only joking, besides, you dont think Id let him call your children that, when we have one on the way."

Imani was 2 weeks pregnant, and was starting to show. No one knew if it was a boy or girl, since she wanted it to be a surprise.

On the couch -already kidnapping Jasper- was Liam and his mate, Aayesha; it took me awhile to remember how to pronounce it because of its spelling, I always wanted to call her A-yesha, but its I-ee-sha.

They had a great bond, and were looking to adopt soon, due to Aayesha being infertile. Ashton, against my desire, named them as Jaspers godparents.

I wasnt too happy about Liam being my sons godfather, due to his past with children, but he proved me wrong and showed he could be a good parental figure.

"Were taking our godson to Mexico - I think thats what the humans call it- this week." Aayesha announced while tickling Jasper.

"You arenottaking my son out of this country. He is only four years old, he cant even travel on a plane." I argued and looked at Ashton expecting him to back me up.

He was looking away, making my eyes narrow. "You knew about this and didnt tell me!" I spoke, slightly raising my voice, as Akasha surfaced to protect her pup.

"Babe, we need a break, and besides Jazneeds to spend some more time with his godparents." I put Matthew on Drews lap and walked towards Ashton.

"We dont need a break, besides how are we going to have one when wed still have Kay." He grabbed my hand and took me into the kitchen, away from our kids.

"Jazis going with Liam and Aayesha, Kaiden is going with Jay and Ronnie. We are not going to argue about this, we havent gone on a date or had a night to ourselves in over a year."

I frowned, thinking about what he said. Despite the fight being five years ago, they were still having a hard time coping, in life.

We found them locked up, and passed out in an underground prison, bruises covering their bodies. "They said theyll be okay, besides they could really use the time with him."

I sighed, knowing there was no way he would let me have my way. "I dont want them out of my reach." He pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back.

"Are you guys done with gooey shit yet? Yes; good, Im hungry, fix me something to eat." I heard a familiar voice say and groaned.

"Nice to see you, Laikya." Over the years, Winter has gotten better at controlling when Laikya does and doesnt appe

He looked more at peace with himself, and picked up our son Kaiden. He cooed at Kay, before sitting next to me, his aura much more calm.

"I know today is about my grandparents, but Id like to thank my mate and wife, Alyaez. Youve helped me get through so much in these past few years, and youve given me a beautiful family to love."

He looked at the ones surroundings each other. "All of you, thank you so much for supporting me at my worst times, youve all helped out building this beautiful family that we share."

Everyone said their thank yous, before going off to make food in the kitchen. "I meant everything I said, you are the love of my life, and I think even if we werent werewolves, we wouldve still found each other."

I smiled and snuggled into him putting our son Kaiden between us, just as another being hopped into our lap. I smiled and kissed my son, Jaspers forehead, as we hugged tight together.

I could firmly say that my family was blessed, and that even five years after everything has happened, me and Ash were still happily in love.

Id never take back the day that I went to the ball, because, despite the heartbreak along the way, found the love of my life and we made a beautiful family, more importantly I finally felt like someones Luna, his Luna.

Hey guys! I cant believe this story is over, but it is. A year and a month ago, I began writing this book, and never did I think that the opportunitiesand love I got, would come with it. I thank everyone who has read this book and put a heart on it, because you guys are the ones who made me want to keep writing. Im grateful for everything, and Im sad to see this book end, but ending this book for me, is more like closing and old solved door, and opening a new mysterious door, which I will have plenty of fun with. Guys, I have the first chapter of Destructive Love, the sequel to His Luna, complete, but I do not have a book cover for it yet so for now, I hope you guys will be happy to read, Broken Mates and yes I am working on Hard Love, which is Liam and Alyaezs spin off, I just need to finish the first chapter, and get the book cover done. Thank you again so much for reading my book, and well there is no next time, so peace! Oh, wait, I forgot, please do not remove His Luna from your library yet, when I do publish Hard Love, and Destructive Beauty I will be making notification of it on here. Alright guys, bye, see you in the next book.

~xoxo AJ

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