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   Chapter 72 Final Fight

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Ashtons POV-

I stood, staring at the woman that I thought had died when I was four; and what did she mean by sons? Im the only kid she and my dad had.

"Dont just stand there, give mamma a hug, boys." She walked to me and than looked at Axel. "Dont just stand there in the corner Andrei, come join us." She had a arm stretched towards him.

He was shaking in fear, and I watched him instinctively move closer to Winter. Her eyes narrowed at his movement, and than she turned towards me as if nothing happened.

She began walking towards me and I pushed Alyaez behind me. "My beautiful baby boy, what a handsome young man youve become."

She reached her hand to rest it on my cheek, but I snatched my face away from her. Her hand dropped and I could feel her aura change.

She pushed past me and Alyaez, rushing towards my grandparents. I made a move to run and protect them, but my grandfather held a hand up, indicating for me to stay back.

"Hello, Sarah." My bunic spoke coldly. "Ivantie, Mariana, still alive I see, but not for longAna." My grandmother stood shakily.

"How? I found you." She whispered and my mother laughed loudly, it echoed through the silent room. "Its so easy to find a body these days. Especially, when you have the most powerful witch to exist, by your side."

"Elisabetta." My grandmother whispered, staring at the dark haired woman. "It is very nice to meet you Ivantie, and Mariana, but you mistaken me for my great-great-grandmother."

"My name is Kiona. I thought by now youd be dead Mariana, but you must have an extremely strong system, to still be alive. Oh well, todays your last day anyway, Ill guarantee it."

I heard Chase growl, as she so calmly mentioned that today was my grandmothers last day. Alyaez squeezed my hands, in a attempt to calm both me and Chase.

She just wants to get under your skin.I heard her think to me. I turned towards her;What if what she is saying is true? What if my grandmother dies today?

She stayed silent, a wind whirl of emotions going through her head. This women, Kiona, I believe was Vanessas mother, Vanessa who died, along side her father.

"Arent you going to introduce me to our other son, love?" The brown haired man asked my mother, walking next to her and grabbing her hand.

My lips curled up, when he called metheirson; my father died a long time ago, leaving me with an impression of him as a hero.

"Of course, Antonio, this is our son, Ashton, he is nineteen years old, right?" She looked towards me, but my eyes were glowering, Im sure they were close to a lime green, perhaps neon.

"Ashton, answer my question. Im your mother." She scolded me and I could feel Chase clawing to get out. "Im twenty years old, Sarah."

She frowned and clicked her tongue. "That is no way to address me, but we will fix that later. Come, were going home." She began walking out but my wolves blocked her path, as I stood still.

"What is this? Ashton, move them, we need to go home." She turned around towards me. "Its time we bonded, as a family. Arent you happy that you finally have a brother? Im sure Andrei wants to know you better."

I stayed silent, biting my tongue, the atmosphere full of tensity. "Ashton Jepacio Stone and Andrei Xaiden Ezekiel Lanzillo, lets go, now."

We still didnt move but Axel finally spoke. "No, I refuse to go back to that hell hole with you, and my name isnt Andrei anymore, its Axel."

My mothers eyes brightened as she whipped her head towards Axel. "You think, that just because, you havent been with us for six years means you can disobey us."

She began creeping towards him and he pushed Winter behind him. "And the name Axel, where did you get it from? Oh, I know, your initials spell it out, but guess what youre still mine, and its pathetic."

I could see Axel shaking but he didnt step down. "Its pathetic that you think, because youve changed your name and left means you arent the same boy."

"We are going home, now." She grabbed his hand and I watched Winter shift when she touched him. I looked at the wolfs eyes and gulped.

"Laikya, dont do anything rash." My voice echoed through the room as she stood between Axel and Sarah. Her head turned towards me and she snarled.

I felt Alyaez move away from my side, and tried to grab her but she slipped through my hands, shifting into her black wolf. She ran and stood by Laikya.

"This is adorable, this is your mate Ashton?" She looked at me and than answered her own question. "Of course, she is, you proposed to her."

"Well, since you two wont cooperate, Im going to take you home by force. Kiona, lets start the party." She shifted and so did Antonio, both going to attack my mate.

I let Chase take control and moved in front of Alyaez just as Antonio, was prepared to bite her. I could hear clothes shredding around me, as others shifted.

I felt Antonios teeth sink into my fur, and I howled in fury and pain, quickly shaking him off. I noticed Alyaez had disappeared into the crowd and wanted to chase her but couldnt due to my ongoing fight.

We circled each other, hackles raised as we bared our teeth, a act of dominance in a fight between two males. Antonio leaped at me and I sidestepped.

His teeth skimmed my ear, and I quickly turned, biting into one of his back legs, red coating his once dark brown fur. You would think after the bite I just made, hed be limping but he wasnt.

I jumped and he stood, taking the impact of my attack. I was on top of him trying to sink my teeth in his neck but he was clawing my stomach, leaving long gashes.

He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and threw me into the nearby table, knocking off everything that was on it. He charged, hitting me and knocking me over as he pinned me.

He scratched at my face, barely missing my eye as I went in for bites on his body. We rolled over, and I was now dominating the fight as I pinned him.

I knocked his head to the side with my paw, trying to open up a space for me to strike his neck, but he recoiled his head back each time I hit.

was disgusted, how could she call herself a mother?

She abused her son for years and then let strangers. "Now its time to take them back, and finish their training." Antonio spoke.

"You call yourself parents, but youre not; youre sick twisted people, who strive off the pain of your child that you or anyone else could cause."I looked at the sky, knowing Robin was somehow watching.

"I pray that you rot in hell for the pain youve caused my family and the pain youve brought to others. You dont deserve to live, but it is not my place to take your life."

I knew that the moment I left the dome, Robin, Louis, and perhaps even my mom would handle them. They could do so much more than I could, "You cant do this! They need to be trained more, they are not the strongest they can be!" Sarah screamed as I walked out.

I stepped out and everyone but Ash and a few selected others stood around the dome. My heart broke when I spotted Ashton, kneeling over Ana and Ivantie.

I moved quickly through the crowd, falling beside them. Marianas eyes were closed, and Ivanties were wide open, red staining his shirt.

I put my hand on Ashtons back and he let out a painful howl. "You guys arent supposed to leave me yet! I havent gotten married or had kids, or done anything!"Ashton sobbed, with his head on his grandparents.

He turned towards me with redeyes. "You can bring them back! Please bring them back, I need them still!" He grabbed my hand and held it over them.

"Why arent you bringing them back?! Why arent they breathing!?" He screamed and I felt another person kneel with us. I looked to see Liam, with his mate behind him.

His breathing was ragged and his eyes were watery. "Bunica?"He whispered, shaking her. "Wake up, come on you have to wake up."

Tears started flowing from his eyes, as I held Ash, who was fighting my embrace. "Please, Im sorry." His voice cracked as he shook her harder.

"Please, wake up, please. I still dont know what Im supposed to do, you were suppose to guide me. Ive lost my parents, but I cant loose you too!" He begged as his mate sat next to him, pulling him away from Mariana.

I could feel my own tears pricking at my eyes, but refused to let them spill. I reach over and closed Ivanties eyes, as our pack crowded around us.

They all howled together creating a beautiful melancholy of howls. I was sure they echoed through out the lands as our pack announced and mourned the death of previously great leaders.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and seen my mother, standing with a sad smile. "Let him go, it is time for you to step back." She told me, but I held Ashton tighter.

I cant, he needs me."He needs his brothers." She pointed at Axel, who was crying and than looked at Liam. Axel began to walk over and I kissed Ashs cheek, before moving.

Liam, Ash, and Axel collapsed, crying together. I let my tears fall, but stayed silent, as I let my mate mourn, with those who could understand better than I did.

Today, was a happy, and sad day; we lost someone that we all held close to our hearts, and was confronted by our dark pasts.

I knew, nothing would ever get back to normal, but eventually wed be able to breathe again, without the heaviest weight laying on our shoulders.

I would never forget, the lives we lost today, and the battle we fought. Eventually, wed be reunited with our loved ones, and the ones that tortured us would reside where they belong.

Hey guys! Its a ten page chapter, yay! This was a very emotional scene for me to write, because I love Ana and Ivantie, they were kind people and they just saw the best in everything. We are close to the ending of His Luna, there is one chapter left, which is going to be the epilogue. I hope you guys were satisfied with this chapter, let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time, peace.

~xoxo Aj

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