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   Chapter 71 Ceremony (part 2)

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I was finally done getting dressed, and it was a relief. All that was left for me to do, was to meet Ashton at the doors and walk to the table.

The girls lead me to a hall, and and at the end of it was a door, covered in gold streams, with Ashton underneath it. I smiled at hissuit.

We walked toward him, and I stopped beside him, while my girls scurried away leaving us alone. "That dress fits you better than I thought." His eyes scanned up and down my body.

"I could say the same about you." His suit practically hugged his body, showing all the muscle definition he had. He smirked and held his arm out.

I intertwined my arm with his, and he kissed my forehead. "Showtime."He whispered as the doors began to open, showing the crowd that awaited us.

I smiled at all of my pack members, old and new, as they waved at us and looked forward to the table. Behind it stood Ivantie, and in a wheelchair, with an IV and oxygen can, was Mariana.

She looked so tired and sick, but even with those looks, anyone could clearly see in her eyes, the joy and excitement they held as we approached.

The decor was beautiful, and I couldnt help but to agree with Harpers earlier words. My mate had excellent taste, to plan this out so wonderfully.

We soon came to a stop as we stood in front of Ana and Ivantie. Ivantie kissed Anas forehead while she smiled before speaking to us and the crowd.

"Welcome, everyone; me and my wife, thank you for attending such an important event. Tonight we are gathered to pay tribute to our dear beloved moon goddess, for blessing us with this graceful life."

"We are also here, to celebrate the reign of a new Alpha and Luna for the Lunar Dusk pack. Our moon goddess, has chosen the next rulers, that are fit, in her eyes."

Everyones eyes landed on me and Ashton, as Ivantie announced the reason everyone gathered. Ashton turned to his grandfather, instinct taking over.

"We were created from the tears and blood, of our mother. She gave us life, that we are meant to appreciate and value, everyday."

"She gave us mates, to love, respect, admire, honor, and worship, so that we would not be lonely on this earth. Our children to care for, tend to, cherish, and protect."

He grabbed the golden grail, with pearls, embedded in it, and poured a liquid into it. "Alphas, are meant to lead, communicate, praise, discipline and most importantly, protect hispack."

"They will never turn their back on their members in any situation, and would give their life before willingly let another wolf die."

Ivantie turned towards Ashton, and picked an wrapped item up, off of the table. "Do you, Ashton Jepacio Stone, at the year of 20, accept this position as Alpha?"

"Yes, I, Ashton Stone, accept the position of Alpha for the Lunar Dusk pack." Ivantie helped Mariana to stand. "A Lunas positions is no less than the Alphas."

"A Luna, is meant to love, comfort, care, protect, lead, and assist her pack. She is to stay loyal towards her pack, and never betrayed them." Mariana told

zation dawned over me, when he got on one knee with a box in hand. "Tonight youve become my luna, and my blood mate, but will you do me one more favor, and become my wife, by marrying me?"

Crickets could be heard, in the room as everyone anticipated my answer. I felt like I couldnt breathe, the air had been knocked at out of me; but somehow, I found the air to breathe.

"Yes." It was one simple word, but it meant so much more to me, Ash, and everyone else in this room.He shoved theringon my hand before jumping up, and picking me up.

He swung me around, spinning in a circle, before sitting me down and smashing his lips against mine in a passionate kiss.

I heard everyone hollering and cheering for the second time, this evening, but soon everything got quiet, when a voice spoke.

"What a beautiful scene, too bad it has to be cut short." Awomancalled out as me and Ashton tensed at the intruder. "Relax, Im not here to harm anyone...yet."

"Actually, I came with some exciting news, for Ashton, perhaps bad for Axel. Come in!" She yelled. The doors opened again, revealing a woman and man.

"Sarah!" Ivantie gasped and Ashton froze, shocked. This couldnt be his mother, she died when he was four; Ana found her body.

"Mom?" I heard another voice and turned to look at Axel, who was shivering as his eyes flickered between the woman and the man.

"Oh, its so wonderful to see both my sons, in the same room. Family reunion!"

You guys didnt think, I wasnt going to let there not be any drama for this chapter, did you? How many of you saw that Axel and Ashton were brothers? Dont lie. Guys, Ive been waiting to do this for so long and finally I was able to. What did you guys think of the chapter? Hope you guys enjoyed, and like normal, comment and heart please! Until next time, peace!

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