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   Chapter 70 Ceremony (part 1)

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I shifted in the bed, looking for Ashtons body warmth and, sadly, found none. I peeked an eye open, and seen that Ashs space was empty.

I brought my hand to it and discovering it was still a bit warm, which meant he hadnt gotten up too long ago.Todays the day, were finally going to be the official Luna of the lunar dusk pack.

Were also finally going to get-Akasha! We are not going to discuss that this early, in the morning. I heard her chuckle and smiled at myself, knowing that my wolf used to be so timid and quiet.

Now, shes talkative and even making jokes. I got out of bed and went into the en suitebathroom, to take a shower. I turned the hot water on and mildly adjusted the cold water, to where my shower was more hot than anything.

I stepped in and grabbed Ashtons body wash, sangria, which he switched to not long after discovering how he smelt to me.

I lathered my body, with the smooth soap and put a bit of my favorite shampoo, suave peaches and cream, into my hair. I rinsed my body off and stepped out, grabbing a fluffy black towel, off the back of the door.

I dried myself off and put on some lotion, before getting dressed into a outfit that Ash recently bought for me. I brushed my hair out, before letting it fall into, its natural waves.

A gloriously wonderful smell, greeted my nose and I smiled, walking downstairs to the kitchen. I walked to the entry, and smiled at the scene of the two boys getting along.

"Morning boys." Liam smiled at me and Ash walked over and pecked my lips. "Ive gotta head out and talk to one of our planners, but breakfast is in the microwave."

He hugged me, and left the room, before I heard the front door shut. I smiled, happy that we were able to do our ceremony with our family and friends, finally.

"So, how long have you guys been awake?" I questioned Liam, opening the microwave to see what was in it. The scent of an omelette floated out, with a side of toast.

I put the microwave for a minute and thirty seconds as I grabbed a coffee mug. "About an hour, I think Ash was up before that, though."

I hummed at his answer, and started heating the machine up. "So, are you excited for today?" He asked me as a smile spread across my face.

"Extremely." I told him, grabbing some creamer from the fridge as a thought crossed my mind. "You dont feel awkward being here, or attending our ceremony, right?"

He smiled at me sadly. "No, I understand you deserve to be happy and if Ash gives you that happiness, than I wouldnt ruin it for you or him."

His smile turned genuine, as it reach his eyes. "Besides, my best friend is finally becoming alpha, and hes already got a wonderful luna by his side."

I smiled turning away, as the microwave beeped, indicating the food was done. I took it out, and added some sour cream, hot sauce, and cheese to it, before setting it on the table and pouring my coffee.

I looked at Liam, and smiled as my dream came back to me. I quickly looked up, sad that my sister wouldnt be attending this important moment in my life.

Liam looked at my food and cringed. "Why would you add all of that stuff?" I shrugged and cut into my omelette taking a bite of it.

Id gotten through half of my omelette, when people came barging into the house. Liam stayed where he was at, not looking up from his phone.

"Hey girls, here so quick to take her away?" He asked not bothering to look and see if he was even addressing the right people.

I couldnt be mad at him for not checking though, because he was right. In front of me stood, Tamera, Mo, Harper, Kat, and agirl, I didnt recognize.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" I asked. Tammy rolled her eyes, "Were

"Sorry, let me introduce myself, Lena Williams." She said shaking each of the girls hands. "Me and Alyaez were best friends, when we were younger, but than I found my mate whos an alpha and well, its hard to travel these days."

The girl had skills, coming up with a story like that so quick. "Oh really, and whos your mate?" Tammy challenged her and Robin rolled her eyes, at the girls attitude.

"Augustine Williams, alpha of the Morning Howlers, were located in Harrogate, England." She spoke, adding a slight british accent, to help her act.

Tamera seemed satisfied and didnt question anymore. "Well as lovely of a reunion it is, if youre going to be here, youre going to work."

Everyone immediately got to work while Tammy assigned Robin her job. Everything went by too quick, and before I knew it, we were done.

I opened my eyes and was amazed at the person staring back at me. Mymake-up, had been done beyond my skills, and myhair, it was beautiful.

I brought my hand to touch the trinket in my hair but Mo, quickly smacked it away. "Dont touch it! Ive worked so hard for the past two hours, just to get your hair like that."

I smiled at her, thankful that I knew her, if they had left it to me, well nothing would have looked nice at all. I heard Tammy come in, and looked in the mirror.

She was looking at her phone and smiled. "Just on time girls, lets go get you dressed, by the way, that Lena chick, she left."

I nodded my head in acknowledgement asHarper walked in with an hanger covered in paper and some heels. "Your mate, has wonderful taste in clothes."

She pulled out a glamorousdressand shoulder cover, while Tammy set down the heels that went with it. "Its beautiful." I breathed, running my fingers over the fabric.

I could feel all the small designs, and embedded jewels that it came with. "Lets get you dressed, its time to become our luna." I smiled at Harper.

So guys, quick note, the other chapter is not yet posted, but I hope it will be later on today. What do you guys think of her dress and make up? Also I found another site for clothes, so hopefully, everyone will be having nicer outfits. Like normal, comment and heart, please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo AJ

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