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   Chapter 69 Happiness and Grief

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I snuggled into Ashs chest, enjoying the silent morning. Id been awake for a few minutes and couldnt fall back asleep, but desperately wanted to stay in bed; so, thats what I did.

I felt Ashtons arms tighten around my waist as he hid his face underneath my hair and sighed. I smiled and brought my hand to his hair, gently interlocking my fingers into the silky strands and combing out small knots.

He sighed contently, scooting further into me as mind went over the past two days previous events. Wed found out that Winter has two mental illnesses, DID and PTSD.

Both broke my heart, once I heard the horrific effects it would cause her for the rest of her life; only one could be controlled and the other extremely conflicted with the medication.

We sat in our room for a whole day, talking about how we were going to give her the best stable life possible, without her brothers around to help.

It was hard, because she was only twelve and did not know that she was ill, and because we wanted to put her on a schedule, a schedule Axel could help with since he is her mate.

We made so many schedules, and yet we chose none of them because we did not find them fit, so we gave up on planning for her.

Telling her, that she was ill, was even harder than finding out that she was ill. She didnt believe us, accused us of lying and making up stories.

It wasnt until we let Axel speak with her, that she realized her new life. She cried and screamed, sometimes for no one specifically, sometimes for one of her brothers or parents; it was hours before her room was silent.

She asked me and Ashton to leave her alone, for awhile, and thatshe only wished to speak with Axel. We listened to her wishes and havent spoken to her since; which was only yesterday.

Despite the recent drama, Id been through and in, I felt at peace and calm. Afeeling that I hadnt felt in awhile; but like all good things, it must come to an end.

Our beta, Ethan, barged into our room, causing Ashton to instantly sit up and growl at the him for the intrusion. "We dont have time for your alpha bullshit. We have to go to the infirmary."He breathed.

Ashton looked at him worriedly. "Why?" Ethan looked at me and than at Ash with sad eyes. "Luna Lupei, is in the hospital due to being fatally sick." The moment Lupei left his lips, Ash was out of bed, ready to run out the door.

Ashton left the room, not waiting for me, but I understood, why he was in a hurry. His grandmother, practically mother, was in the hospital, possibly on her death bed.

"Ill be there soon, go on without me." I gestured Ethan out as I climbed out of bed. I quickly changed into someclothesand a messy bun, while grabbing ashirtfor Ashton.

I rushed to the infirmary and followed Ashtons smell to Anas room. My heart broke from the sounds inside, but I was also confused at the other voice.

I stepped in and seen Ashton over his grandmother, crying on her chest as she gently rubbed his back. Ivantie sat on her other side, with puffy eyes, holding her hand and in the corner was an unexpected face.

Liam quietly stood in the corner, a hand covering his face as

o gasp, and he quickly tangled his tonuge with mine. He removed his lips from mind and began trailing small kisses up and down my neck.

I moaned and he smiled stopping his lips on the crease between my chin and neck, before sucking and pulling back to admire his work.

He tried to continue but I reminded him of our guest through our mind link, that was only a few doors away and would surely hear us, if we continued along our path.

"I cant wait for tomorrow, its going to be wonderful." He said not releasing me from being up under him. "It is, but we have to get someone to decorate for us."

He smiled at me again and gently kissed me, pulling back this time. "Dont worry about that, I have it covered. Lets get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a very busy day."

He got off me and laid down bringing my back to his chest as he curled his body around mine, ultimately trapping my legs with his and putting his arms around my waist.

He kissed my neck again before settling into the bed, behind me. "I love you, Alyaez." He whispered and I smiled. "I love you too, Ashton." I drifted to sleep quickly, thoughts of our ceremony crowding my mind.

Hey guys! I know this is a late night update but I had pretty bad writers block. Anyways, Ana is dying! Guys, Im so freaking sad, that she has to die. I felt so bad for Ash and Liam, especially because she was basicallytheir second mother and now shes dying! Lets look at the brighter side, the ceremony for Alyaez and Ashton is so close now, so, yay! What did you guys think of this chapter? Also, we are so close to the end of His Luna and than I will be writing the sequel, but also dont forget, be on the watch out for Wixels story called Broken Mates and Aliams story, which I do not have a name for yet. I hope you guys enjoyed and like normal, comment and heart please! Until next time, peace!

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