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   Chapter 68 Lihrus and Rirlena

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Liams POV-

I walked through the woods, my nose to the ground as I tried to find a scent that would trail back to my brother or his mate.

Before I left, Id been faced by a young girl; a familiar face. My younger sister, whod I thought had died eight years ago, stood in front of me.

I wanted to rejoice and hug her, never let her out of my sight again, but I didnt. I couldnt do that to her, so I denied her as my sister.

I accusedher of lying and broke her heart in every way possible, I did everything I needed to, to make her believe my act. It hurt to know, I was the cause of her newfound pain.

I was leaving and knew it was better to make her think, I didnt recognize her because there was a chance; a chance that I wouldnt make it back alive.

I cried for hours in the depth of the woods after seeing and speaking with Winter. I didnt know who the young men next to her was, but I knew he would protect her no matter what.

He just gave me, that type of vibe. Now, it was almost a week after I left, a week after I buried my daughter and an incredible woman.

I was frustrated and tired; Ashton had sent his pack after me and I knew it. Theyd been on my trail for a few days now, but Id never let them get so close as to stop my mission.

I couldnt find my brothers scent, anywhere, which was surprising seeing as how he reeked of oranges and peppermint; odd smell I know.

Ronnies on the other hand was harder to find, he smelt of spearmint ironically, and although it is normally a strong smell, my brother well, lets just say his testosteroneis very high.

I knew it wasnt going to be easy finding them, after all that bitch was working with witches. Witches werent the werewolvesenemies but they werent our friends either.

The witches she was working with, probably masked their scent and it was driving me insane knowing that any day now, they could die.

I was stuck deep in my thoughts and fell out of them when a heavy weight fell on me. I turned intending to kill whoever had attacked me but was shocked at who I seen.

Louis?He stood up and shook his head trying to clear his vision. "What the fuck, Robin?" He said looking at the sky. "Long time no see, old friend."

I shifted in front of him, not caring I was naked and he turned. "Are you serious, Liam, here put on some shorts." He threw some shorts at me that I caught.

"Long time no see, my ass. Youve been gone for a month and a half! Do you know the hell that Ive gone through, that the pack went through while you were gone?"

He rolled his eyes at me and I snarled causing him to cower in fear and bare his neck in submission to me. "Im sorry, Liam, but I had no choice. A lot of shit has happened to me too."

I could hear Ashtons pack closing in on us as we spoke and looked at Louis. "Lets go, follow me." I began jogging away from them.

I could hear Louis footsteps behind me so I ran to a place where Ashtons pack rarely ever bothered me. They couldnt get inwhich is probably the only reason why they didnt barge in.

I entered the small, once abandonedcabin, and sat on a red chair inside. This was the only place I could rest without worrying about waking up back at Ashs pack.

"Where have you been?" I asked pouring a glass of whiskey. He chuckled, "You wouldnt believe me if I tried." I raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for h

always go back later, but I know Alyaez would love to see you, at least shell know her sister is well." He shook his head at my suggestion.

"Liam, I wish I could but I cant. This world is beginning to forget about me, forget who I was and thats how it should be. This is possibly the last time Ill be on earth."

"When I return, Louis will no longer exist, and neither will Robin, at least in this world we wont be known by those names. Our life, is being reborn as Lihrus and Rirlena, the moon god and goddess, father and mother to all wolves."

I felt betrayed in a sense, I thought I was getting my beta, my best friend back but instead he was leaving me; like everyone else did.

"Why did you come, if you werent going to stay?" I asked angrily. "You werent going to go back without a little nudge, and thats what I did."

"This is bullshit Louis! How are you just going to coma back and leave, and expect me to be okay with losing my best friend!?"

He looked up and than at me. "I didnt, but I knew it was going to happen, so I accepted it and now I need you to be the alpha you are and accept it."

"I need you to go back, follow your duties and take care of your family, because if you dont, than nothing will work in your favor."

"My times up, I have to go back, but you need to do what I said, please!" He begged as he began to shimmer, I quickly agreed and heard him sigh in relief.

"See you later, old friend." He waved and began blowing away like dust in the wind, leaving no remanentof being there. I sighed and walked towards the door.

My mind still processing what just happened as I stepped out the cabin with one statement in mind. Never did I think this would happen, while searching for my little brother.

Hey guys! What did you think of this chapter? What do you think of Louis, apologies, I mean Lihrus and Rirlena? Is Liam actually going to actually stick to his word? As normal, heart and comment, please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo AJ

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