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   Chapter 67 Therapy

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Ashtons POV-

I watched her stare at me in shock, saying nothing. It felt like Chase was pacing inside of my head as we waited for her answer.

I could see her talking to Akasha in her mind.What if she says no? Maybe, she doesnt want to be in a fully committed relationship yet.

Maybe, she thinks I just want to claim her as mine so I didnt look bad in front of my pack. Maybe-Shut up! Stop with the maybes.

She loves us, so stop doubting her answer. If she says no, its not because she doesnt want us I can guarantee that.He was right.

I shouldnt have been doubting our relationship in that moment, and yet I was. She opened her mouth to speak when our healers, came busting into the room.

"Our apologies for the interruption, but the psychiatrist would desperately like to speak with you." One of the younger women spoke.

Alyaez stood up and began to follow them, leaving me without an answer. I sighed and decided that now was not the time to be concerned about that.

I followed behind them, as we traveled to the therapeutic part of the infirmary that ranged from relationship counseling to onsets of mental illness diagnosis

We passed werewolves who were recovering from the fight wed encountered only a week ago. Some of our wolves were injured, to the point that PT was a requirement, while others needed help recovering from the experience.

My stomach continued to drop, the closer we got to the psychiatrists office. Soon we stopped and our escorts left, leaving us to knock.

I looked at Alyaez and seen the dread filling her eyes as she raised her hand and knocked. We heard a quiet come in and was a bit hesitant to go in.

We walked in and I felt Alyaez grab my hand, and I squeezed it trying to give her a sense of comfort. "Please, sit." Aman, who seemed to be only a few years older, waved at the chairs.

He didnt lift his head up, until we were fully seated. "Hello Mr.Stone and Mrs.Stone, my name is Link Jones, but please, call me Dr.Jones."

My mouth twitched upwards at the sound of Mrs.Stone but quickly stopped, when I was reminded of todays earlier events.

"We were told you would like to speak of an important topic." He nodded as he began to pull out files. "I understand that the girl and boy that was accepted into our pack, used to be rouge, correct?"

We nodded and he read the papers again. "Do you know the past of either child, specifically, the girls?" I began to shake my head no, but Alyaez verbalized her answer with a quick, yes.

"Well, Mrs.Stone, seeing as how you know but your mate doesnt, I presume you will explain at the end of our discussion." She nodded her head.

"Good, moving on to the actual topic, I believe Jasmine has developed a couple of illnesses from her past." I heard the word no being repeated over and over.

It was like a record that wouldnt stop, but the words werent from my mind, but Alyaezs instead. I began to fidget around as Alyaezs anxiety mixed with worry started to overwhelm me.

"Earlier today, not too long after the

om what he could see.

I followed them and came to a quiet area. It was almost silent except for the occasional whimper from a chair behind one of the dividers.

I walked to it and seen my mate silently crying as I scooped her into my arms. I rocked her in my arms as she finally let loose and sobbed loudly.

"Everything will be alright, I promise one day, well be happy." I whispered as she clung to my shirt. "My brother did this to her."

I rubbed her back as my shirt got wet from her tears. "Trebuie s? trecem prin furtun?, s? ajungem la curcubeu." I let the words roll of my tongue.

I remember my grandmother telling me that when Cole and Reina first died. We have to go through the storm, to get the rainbow.

I didnt believe it at the time, but it unknowingly made me stronger and now I was telling my mate. Now it was my turn to hold her up.

I had to be strong for her, so she could recover and understand. This, isnt her fault and theres nothing she could have done to prevent it.

She didnt know about Drew or Winter, so how was she supposed to stop him, when she was just dealing with her problems.

I felt her shaking began to cease to a stop and than her breathing calmed as she feel asleep. "I promise, that whatever it takes, Im going to help you. We will get through this."

Hey guys! So whatd you think? Does this explain the last chapter a bit more, if not I will explain it now. The abuse part, was a part of memory triggered by Axel grabbing her arm, but it did not seem like a memory to Winter but more like a reality, which is why it wasnt wrote in italics like normal flashbacks. Is she going to ever say yes? How will Liam react, if he comes back, of course? What about Jay? Let me know what you think and as normal comment and heart please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo AJ

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