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   Chapter 66 Giving up

His Luna By BonitaAJ Characters: 6147

Updated: 2018-08-21 15:45

Laikyas POV-

I sat in the hospital bed, an needle in my arm and stared at it with disgust. I looked around the room, noticing it was as blanket as our cell had been before.

It was times like this, that I wished I could speak with the wolf, Noelle, but because I am only an accident I cannot speak with her.

I pulled the needle out of my arm, ignoring the slight sting and tore a piece of the sheet off to clean up the blood that started to flow out of the small hole.

I heard beeps in the background, and began to smile as nurses and doctors rushed in. "I think Ill be on my way." I tried walking past them but was immediately restrained.

"Axel!" I screamed, needing assistance to escape these people. I could hear grunts and groans a few doors down the hall. I screamed for him again and this time, heard the tapping of feet come down the hall.

My door burst open and revealed a enraged Axel. He jumped at the people, shifting mid-way, as he clawed at their arms forcing them to drop me.

I stood on the floor with Axel beside me, his hackles raised and smirked at the ones on the ground. I suck my nails into Axel and heard him whimper before snapping my head to him.

"You stupid mutt, why are they still alive?" I snarled and he cowered at my words. He barked quietly and I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, you will suffer the consequences when we get back to our own."

I pushed him to the ground roughly, not once caring that he could have been injured. I began to walk out of the rooms as my steps started faltering.

"Shit, you would come at the wrong time." I murmured as I felt myself being pushed into the background and Winter coming to the front.

Winters POV-

I held my head as I collapsed to the ground. I looked around and confusion spread through me at my enviro

convulse from the pain.

"You can go to sleep now, just know I will always be back for more."

My eyes opened and I was on a cot, that was rolling somewhere. I felt myself panic at the bondage around my hand and legs.

My heart began beating fast, and causing pain in my chest. "Shes going into cardiac arrest!" I heard a voice yell as constant pressure was being put on my chest.

I could feel myself numbing into oblivion. Dont you dare give up Winter! Weve made it this far and well make it further.I heard Noelle growl.

Im so tired, I just want to sleep thats it. I relaxed my body hoping the pressure would ease up soon as I went to sleep.

Who knew that giving up was so wonderful?

Hey guys! I know this isnt as long as normal but I had no more idea for this chapter so I hope youre satisfied with it. What did out guys think? Isnt Laikya just lovely? Tell me what you guys think will happen next and as normal, comment and heart please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

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