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   Chapter 64 Surprises

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Axels POV-

I woke up to a slap on the face, my instincts taking over as I growled and tried to push Jasmine behind me before finding the danger. When my hands didnt find her laying next to me I began to panic before I heard a quiet giggle.

I looked up and in the corner of the room, on the floor, was Jasmine sitting down and than looked at the clock that read 4pm.

Wed been sleeping for almost two hours. I returned my attention to Jas, and seenshe had a hand over her mouth as she tried to muffle her giggles with her eyes closed.

"Jasmine, did you slap me?" I questioned her and she burst out laughing as her eyes opened. I gasped and scooted back on the bed.

"Whats the matter Axel?"She askedme in a mocking voice."Scared of what you see?" She stood up and began walking towards me.

"Y-your eyes, theyregold." I whispered and she laughed again. "Of course they are, after all, Im not Winter or Jasmine as you know."

I got up with a speed Id never used and pressed the girl against the wall. My hands wrapped around her neck if need be. "Who the hell are you and where is Jasmine?"I snarled to her.

"Calm down, lover boy. My name is Laikya, and your precious Winter is right here." Winter? Who the hell is Winter?

"I didnt ask for Winter I-" She cut me off. "Newsflash, Jasmine and Winter, same person, different name." I looked at her strangely.

If this was true than me and Jasmine, Winter, needed to have a serious discussion. "I dont care about that right now! Where. Is. My. Mate?" I growled.

"I didnt realize we were mates, oh this is going to be so much fun." She smiled menacinglyat me. "Go ahead, dig your nails into my throat and realize that we are mates."

She laid her hand on top of mine, applying pressure to my hand forcing it to become tighter on her throat. I could see the pain and joy inside of her eyes as I felt my airway slowly be blocked.

I stepped back and stared at her in shock, as she dropped to the floor and air filled both of our lungs again. She looked at me smirking.

"How?" I asked her. "Im the demon, she created."

Alyaez POV-

I grabbed Ashs hands and rushed to where I was sure Ethan was at. I turned into the kitchen and almost laughed at the sight.

By the counter stood Ethan and a female that reeked of Ethan, Ethan was stuffing a sandwich into his face, so he looked like a chipmunk.

The woman smiled at me, as she bared her neck to me, in an act of submission. "Ethan, really?"I pointed at the sandwich and he smiled as food fell out of his mouth.

"Ethan, close your mouth! No one wants to watch food fall out of it."The woman scolded, slapping his arm. "My apologies, Luna To- I mean Stone, my name is Harper Olivas, soon to be James."

Recognition flashed through my mind at the name. "Youre Mos little sister right?" She nodded her head, shyly. "I thought you were apart of Liams pack?" She looked at Ash, as if she were unsure to answer.

By the way, Liam gave his pack, to us. We are the unofficial Alpha and Luna of the old Bloodmoon pack.I glared at Ash, a bit upset that hed just informed me of

ch table. The table tops will be blue and they will have the silver lining."

He grabbed my hand and rubbed it as he listened to my fantasy ceremony; a thing I thought would never be possible for me.

"A customized sterling grail cup, our names carved into the side and a sapphire sitting, on the front center of the cup, signifying our rule of our pack, our family."

He interrupted me with a kiss which I gladly returned and than leaned back. "Marry me."He breathed and I was shocked. "W-what?" I stuttered still shocked.

"Marry me. I know its a bit sudden and not at all romantic like I would prefer it to be, but you just sound so happy talking about our ceremony."

He continued talking. "Youre face lights up as you talk about it and I cant help but to wonder how much brighter it would be, if we were talking about our wedding."

He grabbed both my hands and got down on one knee in front of me. "I love you so much Alyaez, you are the best thing that has happened to me."

"You accepted me when I was broken, and are helping to fix me. Youve helped me to fix friendships I never thought would be possible. When you died, it broke my heart, I became depressed and wouldnt leave this room."

"I was so happy when you breathed today, it was the best moment of my life and it made me realize, how much I dont want to lose you. How much I need you and how much I love you."

"I dont have the ring, but I promise I will buy you the biggest one possible. Alyaez Dalaje Turner, will you be my wife, mate, and luna?"

Hey guys! Im back with another chapter, heck yeah! So whatd you guys think of Laikya? Well get more info Wixels bit later on. Will she say yes guys or will she say no, because she is afraid of giving her all to Ashton? Let me know what you think in the comments below and as normal, heart the book please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo aj

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