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   Chapter 65 Disappointment

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Unknown POV-

I watched from afar, as Ashton rejoiced over Alyaezs return to the living. He wrapped her arms around her and tears fell down his cheek.

I couldnt help but to be disappointed in her living still; the deal with Davis was that he would kill her and in exchange, Id finally come back to his home and train Vanessa.

My blood boiled at the thought of Vanessa, she was suppose to lead on my legend but instead she was killed by those filthy pack mutts.

She would have never been the second most powerful witch anyway, like her father had hoped. She was driven by the one thing that destroyed me the most;love.

I was in love with a man, once upon time, and I gave him everything I had. My time, my love, my trust, everything but he would say it wasnt enough.

I thought he meant, it was time to give him body, so I did exactly that and fell pregnant with his child. He was so excited to be having a baby with me.

I thought it was because he loved me and was happy we were going to be a family, but he was only happy because his child was going to be the first of a new species; or so he thought.

I found out four weeks into my pregnancy, that he only wanted me and my child for the power. After all, I was a descendent of one of the most powerful witches in history.

I stayed with him, never letting my knowledge of his true intentions be known. Once I gave birth, I cast a spell upon the child in vengeance and hatred of the two.

I let this be known to him and he begged me to remove my spell. I smiled at him and whispered, "You dont deserve the power that I hold and neither does it. Perhaps one day, if I feel merciful, I will come back. I pray that, that day never comes."

It was a beautiful sight, to watch the man I once loved so much become so enraged at my tiny action. I left, not looking or bothering to name the child.

I didnt even know what its gender was, but I did know, that from the moment it was born, I disowned it as my flesh and blood.

Now I work with rouges, and once in a blue moon, a pack. The pack deals, normally end in the packs death, hence why I rarely make a deal with them.

Of course, I work with two specific people in general; the ones whove had my back since weve met. Jackie and Antonio Lanzillo, they were mates and they were the best rouges Id ever met.

I didnt know everything about them or their past, and I didnt need to. If they ever betrayed me, they knew theyd suffer the consequences.

I returned my mind to the scene before me as Ashton smashed his lips against hers; hed grown to be a handsome man, its a shame that he didnt deserve to live happily ever after.

He caused so many people prolonged pain and misery, his mother who was a dear friend of mine, being one of them.

Ivantie and Mariana did a wonderful job at grooming this child to be an powerful alpha, and with Alyaez by his side, most would consider them unstoppable.

The ultimate power couple, but I knew they had a weakness, one that was not yet alive but with the emotional tragedy that theyd gone through, Im sure Ashton wouldnt keep my words a truth for too long.

I turned my back, leaving the reawakening before I was noticed, as a new plan formulated in my mind that was already falling into place.

Ashtons POV-

My arms wrapped tightly around Alyaez, the moment her eyes opened. I felt tears of joy stream down my face as my wolf howled.

I pulled away and looked at her, not blinking, afraid that if I did everything would become

ew...he was there wasnt he?" I nodded. "I forgot to tell you that-" She cut me off. "He passed out when he touched me. Drew didnt just faint for any reason."

"Of course not, I mean the infirmary hasnt told me why he did but I figured it was because touching you while you were, um, dead, was a bit much for him."

She laid her hands on my shoulders. "But thats not why! He lost his wolf because, for whatever reason, the life of his wolfs soul gave Akasha and me life."

And losing the wolf, was too much, his body couldnt handle it, so he fainted. "So hes a human."I stated. "Bingo, and if he could save me, an almost 19 year old wolf, well than why couldnt he save a four year old child."

"So, if what youre saying is true, how are we going to find Winter." She clapped her hands like a small child. "We dont have to find her, she found us."

Hey guys! Its your girl AJ and my gosh I have so much to tell you but lets get through the normal stuff first. Who is the person that was watching Ash and Ally? Any guesses. Also why is it so important that Liam have others by his side? Ok moving on to the more exciting news. His Luna will possibly be getting published soon! I have recently received an offer to publish my book electronically with a company called Moboreader and I am currently going through the process of getting it published. Now guys, while this is exciting, Im afraid that there might be some changes coming if it does happen but we will discuss that when the time comes. If I do publisher His Luna with the company, I willnot, I repeat willnotbe taking His Luna down from quotev. I will continue to write His Luna on Quotev and update it regularly along with writing Wixels story, Aliams story and the sequel to His Luna. Thank you guys for so much support and love because I dont think that without you guys, this company would want to publish me, so thank you all so much. Im going to end this long end of chapter note as normal with comment what you think down below and as normal heart please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

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