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   Chapter 63 Mental Prison

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Jass POV-

I watched my brother step down from the stand, in shock. He was there and alive, but he had a child; a dead child that I would never get the chance to meet. I wanted to say something to him, anything really, but I was in too much of a shock.

I didnt expect to find my brother atthe funeral of my new Luna and his child. I leaned into Axel and felt his hand rub up and down my arm sending comfort throughout my body.

I couldnt stay here and watch my brother leave, not when he was so close to me; I grabbed Axels arm and pulled him out away from the funeral, hurriedly following my brother."Liam!" He turned towards me as I ran up and hugged him.

He caught me but quickly pushed me away. "Excuse me, but do I know you?" My heart dropped. I could see the confusion in his eyes as he stared at me and Axel.

"Liam, its me, your little sister." I could see his eyes brighten the moment I told him who I was. "Im sorry young lady, but I do not have a sister. I think youve mistaken me for someone else." Why wouldnt he believe me?

"No, I didnt mistaken you for anyone. Youre my brother, Liam! Its me Win-" I heard a fierce growling echo through the air. "Who do you think you are child!? I am an alpha and you will treat me with the respect I deserve and stop telling me these foolish lies."

My eyes widened in shock and fear. "But Liam its me."I whimpered and he snarled at me, causing both me and my wolf to submit. "I do not have asisterand I will not continue to listen to your lies." He stormed away from me.

He doesnt believe me; doesnt recognize me. To him, I no longer existed because I left him. Jermaine may not be alive anymore and now hes punishing me for leaving him.

"No." My voice was broken and quiet. I had no one, my parents were dead, my second oldest brother was possibly dead, and the one that was alive, hated me.

"I want to leave." I told Axel and began walking into the woods. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and struggled against him. "Let me go! I want to leave, I shouldnt be here!" I screamed pushing against him. "We cant, its too dangerous to be a rouge."

I punched and slapped his chest as hard as possible but he took it all. I could feel my wolf trying to break free and she was close to doing so. I knew I was in mid-shift, I could feel my claws poking at my palms and hairs along my face.

I continu

, and left.

I never looked back, and ran as far as I could from them. I know theyre searching for me, and when the day that I have to fight them comes, will be the day that Im finally free.

I had barely any social contact for almost six years, only speaking to others when Id go to the village once a year for clothes restocking.

Jasmine, was the first person I had an actual conversation with, and it was only because she was my mate. The few members I talked to, was only because I had too, for Jasmines safety.

She was my courage, without her, Id still be in the woods waiting for my day of freedom to come. I didnt care if my freedom was in death or life, as long as I got it, but now, I needed it to be in life.

This pack was our outlet for the better life, that we both deserved. This is the pack we were meant to be in, because it held so many things we needed, and I even think answers we wanted.

Hey guys, its your girl Aj! What did you guys think of this chapter? What did you think of Axels past? How about Jasmine, actually Im going to start calling her by her real name because I aint fooling anyone no more. What did you think about Winter and Liams interaction? Does Liam truly believe that, Winter isnt Winter? Also Im going to start making the Jaxel book, so be on the watch for it! Let me know what you think in the comments and as normal heart my book please! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

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