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   Chapter 61 Better Alpha

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Ashtons POV-

Its been a week since Alyaez and Ember died; I could still remember my bunica and bunic helping me let her go, so she could be prepared for burial, like it was yesterday.


I carried Alyaez into my old room, that was still filled with her scent, tears streaming down my face. My beta had come multiple times to try and take her from me but I wouldnt let him. If I let them take her, than it would only make everything real.

My mate would be taken to be prepared for burial, by herself. I sobbed over her body, begging Devanear to bring her back to life but she didnt. I looked at her, she didnt look like she was sleeping; she looked dead. Her hair was already starting to lose its shine and her skin was paling.

Before I shut her eyes, I seen they were flat and empty, she wasnt warm, she was just dead and I didnt want to accept that. I heard someone walk into the room but was to deep in my emotions to look. A hand was put on my shoulder, causing me to tense and growl.

"Im so sorry, my dear child; I know it hurts right now, but the only way to move on is to let go."My grandmother whispered to me. They didnt understand; this was my mate I lost and now, now I have no one. My children are dead, my best friend is no longer my friend, my parents are dead, and my first mate is gone.

"Ashton, we need you to let her go, she deserves the finest Luna burial to ever exist." Bunic urged me, but it wasnt processing in my mind fully. I couldnt let her go, she was the love of my life and to act as if she never existed, it wasnt right.

"No! I refuse to let my mate go! She will stay by my side until I die!" I snarled at them as Chase emerged. "Chase, Ashton, I know that they were your mate but theyre gone." He told us harshly. "You insignificant fool! How dare you tell me to let my mate go!? How would you feel if I killed Mariana, right now?"

I seen my grandfathers eyes began to lighten to an amber color, just like Alyaez would do when she was angry. "I understand that you are mourning the death of your mate, but you will not treat me with such disrespect when I am still the alpha!" His voice boomed as Chase whimpered.

My grandmother touched, his shoulder as they shared a conversation through their mind link. Bunic took a deep breath and walked out of the room muttering curse words in romanian."You always did have a temper when things didnt go your way." She chuckled.

"Bu-" she cut me off. "Hush boy. Im trying to talk to you. I remember when your mother killed my son in anger because they were falling out of love, dear child, I was consumed by grief. Did you know your parents werent actually mates, that is why your father began to fall out of love with your mother and it is also why you took your mothers last name and not his."

"Your grandfather was angry but knew I needed help. I was much like you when I had to go pick his body up for burial. I wouldnt let him go, did not want to leave that house with him, at all. The reality of my only baby boy and living child being dead was too harsh. Id already lost his twin brother at birth, because he was a still born."

I had an uncle and my parents werent mates?! If they werent mates, than why did they have me? "Your grandfather had to explain to me that although my son was dead, he lived within us. He would always be alive within our hearts and within a little boy, that we loved."

"After hearing that, I let him go. I was still sad but I understood, the pain would never fully be gone but it would get better because I wasnt alone. I had a whole family of at least 35 wolves to turn to for comfort and I had my grandson, you, to remind me, that there was always hope."

Flashback Over

They took her shortly after that; Liam came barging into my room with red eyes and for the first time in a long time, I accepted help from my adopted broth

st my first mate and my children and when I found out I was her second mate, I was prepared to be broken even more."

I could remember looking into her eyes as I was entrapped for the rest of my life in a beautiful womens spell. "I waited for what seemed like a decade to be broken, but she chose me and Id never felt so honored. I was prepared to began our life together but many things awaited us ready to destroy our relationship."

"I know that to most people this would seem like the end for mates but to me, its just us going on a journey, separate paths that lead to the same place." I stepped down and the services went on until we came to the viewing of the body. Drew requested that I take him up when I go, so of course we were the first ones up.

We stopped in front of the casket and I looked at Drew determining if I could let him go for the moment to say my final goodbye. I let him go and pressed my forehead against hers. I know our time on earth seemed short but we are not yet done inima mea. I promise one day we will be together and we will finish our life together as it was meant to be.

It will be a long wait but it will be worth the wait. I let Drew of up and speak a few words to her, he put his hand in to grab hers but the moment he did, he fainted. I caught him and checked for a pulse, thankfully finding one. His guards came up and grabbed him as I directed them to take him to the infirmary.

I watched them drag him away as relief filled my body but I was surprised by something else. Something I thought to be impossible now and held the power to make me die and live again. I heard a heartbeat.

Hey guys! So sorry about the lack of updates but Ive been doing finals all month and I just have not had the time to write whatsoever but guess what!? Tomorrow is my last day of school so I have more time and also apologies for those who got my last update notification that thought it was a chapter, it was only a link update. Okay, now back to the book. What do you think of Liams decison? Was it right of him to leave his pack? Will Ashton be a good alpha to this new part of his pack? Most importantly, whos heartbeat did he hear? Could it have been little Ember who is the only possibility of bringing Liam back? Or was it Alyaez, the love of Ashtons life? Let me know what you think in the comments and as normal comment and heart! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo aj

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