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   Chapter 60 Facing my fears

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Alyaez POV-

I rushed outside yelling at one of the guards to keep Drew, Axel, and Jasmine safe from the fight. Ashton was behind me along with Ethan. We jumped off the balcony and shifted mid-jump as we landed on our feet. The earth seemed to rumble the moment my paws hit the floor and wind began to blow violently.

My eyes widened in shock as I seen many of my new and old pack members fighting against our attackers. I growled loudly which seemed to stop the fight as everyone -including Ash-turned to me.Youre so beautiful, my little mate.I heard Chase compliment me.

I quickly flickered my eyes to Ash to see that his wolf seemed to have grown bigger and now had a beautiful brown swirl that ran across his left eye, down his back, and ended on his tail. I turned my attention back to the matter at hands.What do you want?

A grey wolf stood tall and walked to the front.The infamous Alyaez Turner, my gosh, you are just as beautiful and magnificent as a wolf as you are a human. My old friend and child, Ashton Stone, hows the kids?I felt Ashton tense as he taunted him.

You obviously know who I am, so, who are you and what do you want?I snarled at him. He cocked his head to the side before motioning his head forward. His pack parted as a young woman with purple hair came out. The girl was the same one whod flirted with me, the day I joined Ashs pack.

I am alpha Davis and my daughter, Vanessa, would like to take you as a mate. You can either come with us willingly and both of these annoying termitesthat call themselves packs will live or we destroy the packs and take you with us. Choose.I knew he was lying and maybe thats why I had no hesitation when I chose.

I briefly looked around the pack and seen my old friendTamera and her mate Maya, Kat and her mate, Miles I believe. I seen a wolf staring at Ethan longingly before her eyes returned to the fight and last but not least I seen Liam. He stood with electric blue eyes, glaring; at what, Im not sure, but it was enough to have him prepared to fight and pissed beyond words.

I knew that once I spoke my decision there was a possibility, that I wouldnt make it out alive. I knew that I might lose some very important people here but Id already caused so much grief because Id take the easy way out and now I needed to face my problem.

I do not accept.I growled as I leapt into the air to pounce ontoDavis. He anticipated my move and sidestepped letting me land in the dirt. I slid a bit but quickly regained my footing as I heard everyone fight. Snarls, growls, and whimpers surrounded me but I was focused on the wolf in front of me.

I bared my teeth at him, growling, prepared for his next movement. He charged my and I stood prepared to take the impact of the gigantic wolf as I felt his canines sink into my shoulder. I quickly pushed him off with my paw and jumped on him as I aimed to rip out his jugular.

He twisted his body, shaking me slightly off but I kept a grip on him with my claws. He kicked my stomach as I sunk my claws into his hind legs. Blood began coating his grey leg as a slight pain filled my stomach. His right paw swung out my face as I felt them catch my ear slightly.

I prepared to jump at him but an overwhelming pain filled my body and I looked around to see a pair of glowing green eyes by a tree.You shouldve just agreed, then you wouldnt have had to seen this.I looked around and could see that my packs were indeed losing their fights.

I just wanted you to accept your position

had to be lying. Ember was alive, my baby couldnt be dead. I began running to my packs home as a painful howl filled the sky that I could only identify as Ashtons.

I wanted to focus on why he was crying but I needed to know that my daughter was safe and alive. I made my way to the garden and seen a lumped up blanket. The blanket that I gave to Ember when she was born. I slowly trudged towards it, dread filling my entire body.

I made my way to the blanket and shifted before kneeling to the ground. I put my hand at a corner of the blanket and began lifting it, only catching a glimpse of Ember, before I dropped it back. A sob escaped my throat as I hit the ground. I put my head against the blanket and let everything out.

Tear after tear flowed down my cheeks as I screamed and hit the ground. How could I letthis happen to her?! She wasnt even a full month old and I let her be killed. I trusted Liliana after everyone told me not to. What the hell was wrong with me?

I picked my head up, no longer screaming but the tears were still flowing plenty. I took the blanket off of Ember and choked when I seen she was pale, her eyes were full of fear and her mouth was forever stuck in a painful scream. I put the blanket on the ground and than Ember on top before wrapping her in it.

I held her body in my arms and rocked her back and forth as if she was still alive. "No." I whispered in a croaked voice as I began sobbing loudly. "Im so sorry Ember. Im so sorry" I cried to her over and over. No matter how much I cried and said sorry the pain didnt disappear. It only seemed to worsen.

Hi guys. This was such a hard chapter to write because of how emotional it was but there you guys go the fight has finally happened. I know a lot of you are probably mad at me but I dont plan on ending the story here. For those of you who wondered why Liliana and Ember wasnt in the Thanksgiving special, well this is why. I knew from the moment Liliana was pregnant that baby Ember was going to die. If any of you have any questions let me know in the comments below. Until next time, peace!

Xoxo aj

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