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   Chapter 59 Honesty is Strength

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I sat in my room staring at the wall as what happened processed in my mind. I allowed myself to break down in front of not just Ash but Liam; I felt weak for having such a moment in front of them. When I finished crying Ash brought me up to my room and promised he would soon be back with food which was 5 minutes ago.

No wonder Leto thought I was too weak to be handle the power of being a half goddess. I couldnt even handle the knowledge of my little brother, his mate, and a child that wasnt mine; a child that I had no connection to whatsoever, being taken from me. I am weak.

Youre not weak for having emotions. Im sure any other wolf wouldve reacted the same.I stood up and snarled.Thats the damn problem, Akasha! Im not just any fuckingwolf! I should be able to handle shit like this but instead I have a fucking mental breakdown! Im an fuckingexcusefor not just a wolf but the daughter of Devanear!

I felt Akasha whimper and sink into the back of my mind where I couldnt hear her. I sighed and put my head against the wall. Great, just great. I pushed my wolf away. I looked at the sky prepared to ask my mother for advice, only to remember she was missing and because of that my sister and her mate were stuck there.

I didnt know who to turn to for advice. Ashton, although he was my mate, wouldnt understand the guilt I felt and Liam was focused on finding his daughter and brother. I doubt Ana or Ivantie could help me, they didnt know about my situation truly.

An person popped in my head and I began debating myself about him. My brother although he wasnt the most stable person would understand. I walked out the door forgetting about Ashtons words and headed towards the dungeon. There were twoguardsstanding and talking.

I approached them as their stances became defensive and serious. "I would like to see one of the wolves being held captive." I told them. "Do you have Alpha Lupeis permission?" The one on the right asked and I shook my head no. "We cannot let you enter without Alphas permission mam." I rolled my eyes

"I am soon to be Alpha Stones mate and I demand to be let in." They stayed silent ignoring my words. I was not in the mood for this bullshit. "Okay boys, I tried to be nice but that obviously isnt working so lets try a different way. Heres whats going to happen if you dont let me in. You see that pretty bronze knob on that door." I said looking in the direction of the handle.

"That knob is going to know the inside of you like I know the outside of my hand. I am going to slowly drag it along every organ with an intense amount of pressure after Ive heated it up and put silver on it and after that Im going to burn my initials on your dick and the back of your balls, so that way every time you go to piss or fuck some girl, youll remember who I am."

I watched their eyes widened as they began to shuffle before the smaller one let out a huffing and opened the

he didnt want to answer. "May I speak with you in private, Axel?" I asked saving him any future embarrassment.

He stood and hugged Jasmine before following me out into the hall. We went a bit down to where they wouldnt hear. "You never answered my question."I stated and he sighed. "Its personal." Was his short reply as my suspiciongrew. He didnt want to tell me.

I began observing his behavior and stature. He was rigid and his eyes constantly would flick to the meeting door. He shuffled on his feet and was taking deep breaths, almost as if he were trying to keep his self calm. I started putting together my observations as everything fell into place.

"Shes your mate." I stated more than questioned. "Yes and she is the reason we need to be in a pack. Its much too dangerous for her to be out there especially if we ever start a family." I understood and indicated with my hand for him to follow me.

We entered and I quickly spoke. "Beta James, you are to take Ms.Jasmine and Mr.Axel to a room. Make sure they are comfortable and situated properly." He followed my orders as Axel sent me a grateful look. They were gone before Ashton could veto my decision.

"What the hell, Alyaez?! They could be dangerous to our pack! Or be spies from the other pack! Or-" I cut him off. "Jasmine is Axels mate. Shes too young to feel the bond yet but he wants her to be protected and stable when they do began their life together. He doesnt want to live a life with her, where they have to run to survive."

"Whatever."He muttered prepared to walk out when a wolf ran in. "We are being attacked!" He said breathless. I looked at Ashton. Drew was right, but what was the last piece?

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