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   Chapter 57 My little wolf

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Jasmine POV-

Its been a week since Ive escaped the place I call hell. Axel has been nothing but nice to me despite the fact that I was once a pack wolf. Weve become surprisingly close in that small week but I liked it. Me and my wolf desperately needed someone we would be able to trust after everything thats happened.

"Something wrong, little wolf?" Ive also acquired the nickname little wolf from him. He told me that he was surprised that when he found me I was under such a tiny bush in my wolf form hence how I got the nickname. I dont think that bush was tiny.

"Im good, Axel. Shouldnt we be leaving to go hunting right about now?" I reminded him while looking at the sun that would soon be gone. He smirked at me before pulling out two rabbits from his makeshift backpack. "Whend you get those?" I asked surprised.

"I went hunting while you took a nap. Felt like you deserved to rest since youre still new to this life." I turned my head as I felt heat creep up my cheeks. I dont know why, but, ever since Ive met Axel, Ive been having these strange feelings and reactions to him.

Its called a crush. You like him and obviously everything he does in your eyes is sweet, which is so freaking cute!Noelle squealed at me. I rolled my eyes at her before returning to my conversation with Axel. "You know that is the first and last time I will ever allow you to do something like that for me. I need to learn how to live this life."

"Whatever you say, little wolf." He smirked at me again and I playfully punched him. "I guess Ill start the fire than." I said standing up and he nodded his head as he stared at the sunset. I grabbed the sticks and a rock before vigorously rubbing them together.

I seen a spark between the two sticks and soon as fire had started. Axel came over and quickly put the rabbits over the fire before dragging me outside. I was in stunned by the view of the pink, purple, and orange sky. The colors were mixing together creating a perfect shade of a very light rose and the sun was in just the perfect position that helped the colors to seem vibrant and bright.

"Its beautiful." I whispered as the sight was ingrained into my head reminding me of a memory where my mother would take me to the top of hill, not far from our home and wed watch the sunset as I asked her millions of questions that shouldve drove her crazy but didnt.

I felt a finger on my face as I was brought back to reality. Axel had wiped a tear off my face and wasnt smiling nor smirking, for once. He actually seemed to be in pain and sad. "Are you okay?" I asked him but instead he stormed into the cave and sat by the fire.

I walked in and sat next to him, only for him to scoot away from me. He quickly removed the food off the fire and put it on some torn clothes to cool down. "Hey, Axel, whats wrong?" He ignored my question and began eating. Our meal was ate in silence unlike any of our other meals.

Our other meals were full of laughter and conversation, but this one, this one was just silent. I started to approach him again but he ran outside and I could hear him shift before leaving. Any other time Id be okay with someone leaving me but Id grown close to him and was terrified.

What if he didnt come back? Does he think Im weak because I cried? Did I make him mad?Calm down, Im sure hell be back. He probably just needs sometime to himself.Noelle told me. I wanted to believe her but I couldnt bring myself to.Go to sleep, hell be back by morning.

But what if-she cut me off.Sleep by the fire, youll stay warm.I listened to N

nd before spotting a small thrift store and dragged Jas into it.

I walked to the cashier and she smiled at me and Jas. "How can I help you two?"She asked as I felt Jasmine sink into my side causing me to instinctively to wrap an arm around her in comfort."We need clothes." She looked at my arm before nodding and leading us to some clothes.

Jasmine got a few outfits and I got some more shirts, blankets, and a pillow. We walked to the front and I put our items on the counter. "Will that be it?" I started to say yes when Austin nudged into my mind about the pack situation. "Actually, is there an alpha or luna near by that we can talk to?" I asked her and she nodded her head.

"Alpha and Luna Lupei, reside not far from here. If you would like I can contact someone who can take you to them." I nodded my head yes and she rang up our clothes before dialing someone. I reach in my pocket to give her some money but she told me that this was all free for us.

We sat outside and waited for someone as Jas cuddled closer into me. "Why do you want to be apart of a pack?" she asked me. "Safety." I stated simply. "What if they dont accept us?" I looked at her and could see the fear in her eyes. "Dont worry, well find another pack."

She seemed satisfied with my answer because she didnt ask any more questions. We waited for 10 minutes before someone pulled up in a car and stepped out. "You would like to meet with Alpha and Luna Lupei, correct?" I nodded my head and drew Jas in closer as I felt her fear overtake her mind.

I whispered comforting words in her ear as we go in the car and headed to our hopefully soon to be pack.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter because it took me awhile to write it and it is also a page longer than normal. Im sorry for the lack of updates but if youve read my most recent authors note then you know about my exams. Thank you for whoever suggested that we peek a bit into Jas current life. What do you think of axel? What about Axels decision about Jas? Put some ideas in the comments of what youd like to see in the future and until next time like normal, peace!

~xoxo AJ

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