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   Chapter 56 Promise me

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Liams POV-

Wed not too long ago finished our meeting about the packs. I was still debating myself about Alyaezs idea. She was right, if we joined into one pack, wed be stronger but the thought of three natural alphas within the same environment was terrifying to me and Demetrius.

How was I suppose to live my life, while having to take orders from another alpha that was not my father. It wasnt in any alphas blood to take orders from another alpha other than that alphas parents.There are more pros than cons to her idea though, Liam.I heard my wolf tell me.Such as?I couldnt think of anything other than the stronger aspect.

We will be able to be a proper father to our daughter and give her the life she deserves.I smiled as Embers blue eyes flashed through my mind. Hes right, as long as Im an alpha with no Luna by my side I will never be able to give my daughter the father she deserves.

I pulled out my phone contemplating whether or not I should call my brother whod only call me ten minutes back for help with Ember. I wanted to hear her tiny gurgles but the more I thought, the more logic came. Shes never awake for longer than five minutes once she starts playing with her wolf.

I put my phone back as I walked around the familiar house that I once called my second home. I was looking at blank walls that once held pictures of me and Ashton when we were younger. I screwed up big time. What was going through my mind when I thought it was okay for me to fuck Liliana who wasnt just my best friends girlfriend and mother of his children but his mate.

"Fecior, is that you?" I heard a voice call as my heart dropped into my feet. This was the very voice that made me fearful of my return here. I turned and seen the face that helped me through my hardest times. "Ms.Ana it is very- Ow!" She smacked me in the back of my head mid sentence.

"Have I ever let you address me by my first name?" I shook my head no, staying silent. "Than what gives you the right now?" I shrugged my shoulders. I felt her arms wrap around me offering nothing but comfort and warmth. "I missed you fiul meu."

I slowly wrapped my arms back around her. "I missed you to Bunica." She pulled back and examined me. "Well, well, youve grown to be a fine young man havent you." She tucked some hair that was hanging in my face behind my ear. "I see that you still havent learned to keep that hair out of you face, it blocks your eyes."

She smiled at me and I smiled back before my thoughts darkened. "Im a horrible friend and mate, Bunica." A frown made its way upon my lips as she put a hand onto my shoulder. "You are neither, youre still learning the ways of life. Mistakes were made but theyve been forgiven."

"How could you be so...positive? I allowed the murder of my niece and nephew to live and even as I say that she lives with me in the same pack as my daughter, still al

s arms and quickly went somewhere using her supernatural speed and came back with a envelope in her hands. "Fucking open it." She pushed the envelope in my hand. I did as she said and pulled out a horrific picture of an almost fully decapitated family but one person was dismembered almost entirely.

"That is my family. The one I grew up with, the unidentifiable body is a man I called my father." Ashton took the picture and looked at it with terror. "When did you get this?" He asked her. "A few days ago." She whimpered at him. "Why didnt you tell me?" He asked getting closer to her and she fell to the ground on her knees as she broke and sobbed. He held her closely and began whispering comforting things.

"I have to leave and go to my pack." I said feeling awkward watching my ex best friend comfort my old mate. Ashton lifted his head in acknowledgement as I left. I felt bad for her and I give her props for coping with that image as long as she did. They may have not been her biological family but they are what she knew and to get a picture of them like that.

The picture of her family wouldnt leave my mind which only made my urgency to find Ember, Jay, and Ronnie bigger.


Fiul Meu- my son

Hey guys! Apologies for not updating in awhile. Funny and true story, I was half way done with this chapter when I put my laptop down somewhere and had absolutelyno idea where it was for thepast two weeks and I just found it this morning. Anyway guys, I dont have any questions for you about the chapter. I know the chapter was pretty crappy but Im still going to do the normal ending. Let me know what you think andas normal comment and heartplease! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

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