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   Chapter 55 All good comes to an End

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Alyaez POV-

I sat on my bed, enraged. Not only did Liam insult me and make me look like a fool but, my own mate laughed and agreed with him. Just because I am a woman does not mean I cannot lead a pack! I was so lost in my own fury, that I didnt hear the door creak open.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up with amber eyes. I felt Chase submit to Akasha as I stared into Ashtons eyes. "Im-" He began but I cut him off. "Im your fucking mate Ashton! Youre not suppose to laugh and agree when I am insulted by anyone! Youre suppose to fucking defend me but instead you laughed in my damn face." I yelled and took a deep breath.

"You know what, Ashton, its okay. I dont care that you laughed at my ideas. I dont care that you didnt defend me." I told him calmly. He was going to regret disrespecting me because I was going to make his ass suffer. "Go back to Liam, we have a meeting to finish conducting."

He looked at the door and than looked at me. He sighed and took a deep breath as if he were preparing himself for something. "No, forget Liam, he can wait for eternity for all I care. We are going to discuss this now." I glared at him. "What the hell do you mean forget Liam!? We need to worry about the safety of not only our pack but his too." I said as I tried to storm by him.

This isnt how its suppose to go. I was suppose to give him the coldest treatment possible from a mate in the world and now he wants to talk this out. I was pulled back into a chest, just as my hand touched the knob. "Alyaez, we, no actually you are not going to ignore this. Youre not going to have a temper tantrum because I made a mistake." I am not having a tem-Actually you are.

Fuck you Akasha.I heard her sigh and could almost see the black wolf rolling her eyes.Stop being a baby and handle the situation like a grown alpha female would. For goodness sake, were the daughter of Devanear and you act like this.She muttered the rest of her words before going silent.

"Fuck off, Ashton." He led me to the bed and forced me to sit before going to the door and locking it. "Whyd you lock the door?" I asked him. "Youll probably try to storm off mid conversation and I cant let that happen. Look Alyaez, I am really sorry for laughing at you back in the dining room. Youre right, I shouldve defended you but I didnt."

"That was probably the shittiest apology, Ive ever gotten." I told him dryly. He stood up and I looked at him strangely. He got down onto both of his knees before grabbing both of my hands. His head tilted up towards mine. "I apologize so much Alyaez. I wish I could say that the reason I laughed wasnt because I thought you couldnt run a pack because youre a woman but it is and I know that, I greatly disrespected you."

He looked at me silent for a moment to see if Id approve his groveling. When I made no movement he continued talking. "I gave you my best apology that I dragged from the deepest of my heart so perhaps I could make this up to you some more with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and some of

the toys before finding her wolf.

I held it in front of her face as she quieted down. "This is what you wanted little princess?" I asked in a baby voice. Sounds like everything is good and I have to go. Tell my little girl I love her and I love you too Jay."Alright, love you." I heard the line go dead. "Daddy loves you so much. I just hope its enough for him to realize the truth. I dont want to take you from him but I will if I have to."

She continued gnawing on the wolf as I put her in her crib before sitting on the bed and relaxing. I closed my eyes allowing my body to relax and breathe as much as possible. The pain was getting worse the longer I was away from Ronnie but I had to stay strong. I was the beta of my pack now.

Louis and Robin ran away a week ago. No one knows where theyre at so now as the younger brother of the alpha I had to play the role of the beta. I mustve been distracted with the pain because I felt a cloth that was covered in wolfs bane be held up over my mouth and nose as I took a deep breath.

I looked over to Ember and seen someone reaching into her crib. "No."I mumbled before my eyes shut. I didnt care about me or even Ronnie in that moment. My niece was in danger.

Hey guys! Whoo, its been awhile since Ive updated and I honestly have no excuse other than laziness for disappearing for a good 3 weeks. So whatd you think? Ash and Ally finally kissed! Yay! But now Ember is in danger which isnt good. I thought about making this chapter without drama but than I thought wheres the fun in that? Let me know what you guys think and as normal comment and heart! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

PS. I was just thinking about this but do any of you know how to properly pronounce Alyaezs name and Ashtons middle name? If you think you do, comment down below what you think the pronunciationis.

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