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   Chapter 54 Rogue

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Unknown POV-

I pulled at the chains around my wrists, that were keeping me confined in this room.Hehasnt come into this room for awhile and in the short time that hes been gone, Ive built up enough strength to escape.Remember, if this fails, we will die.My wolf Noelle reminded me. Being dead is better than being locked up here, like a wild animal.

I pulled a few more times just slightly detaching the chains from the wall. I blow my long brown hair out of my face and take a deep breath as I give one hard tug on the chains and hear the lovely snapping sound of them breaking. I smiled and began to internally cheer.

We dont have time to cheer right now. He can be back any moment which means you need to leave now.I stop my cheering and listen to Noelles words. I slowly walk towards the door and put my hand on the knob. I listen for any breathing and hear none before proceeding to twist it open.

I peeked my head out, checking my surroundings before making a run for it. I push my legs as fast as they can carry me not quite knowing my way around thisprisonbut using my smell to detect the nature. I see a door as I round a corner and run faster than I was before as my hands settled on the knob.

The knob was quickly twisted and before I even realized it my body was shifting into my copper wolf. I felt the pain but ignored it; I was too close to freedom to be caught because of pain. Noelle ran into the woods, we had no certain destination in mind, we just wanted to be away from the hellhole wed been stuck in for 7 years.

Rest, Ill make sure we are safe.I heard Noelle whisper, practically urging me to go to my safe place. I listened to her and watched the world flash by through her eyes as my mind relaxed for the first time in years. I was free from the torture and abuse, Id receive for so many years.

I didnt have to be scared to whisper or to yell. I didnt have to be scared to be hurt in ways that no one should ever experience. The childhood I shouldve had was taken away, making both me and my wolf so much more mature and aware of the real world than we should be.

I dont know how long wed been running but Noelle came to a slow stop at a river. She urgently drank the water, that wed barely receive, nourishing our body somewhat.I think you should step in the water, wash our coat up. I urged her to do feeling the grime and dirt laying in our fur.

She listened to my advice and stepped in swimming in the water for a bit before cleaning our fur as well as she could with her tongue and the water. We looked into the water and both of us went into shock at our reflection. I no longer had the copper fur Id grown adjusted too but now had a sandy brown fur.

I shifted, aware that I was naked but could not get over the fact that

years since I was, what about you?" I asked trying to get a little information on him. "Nope, I was born rouge and abandoned by my parents when I was 8."

My heart saddened at the thought of his abandonment but I couldnt help but to envy him slightly. "How old are you, Axel?" He smirked at me. "Ill be 14 soon, what about you Jas?" I think Im 11 or maybe Im 12. "Whats the day and year?" I asked him.

He looked at the sky and than at in the cave. "January 10th, 2017." I just turned 12, wow, Ive been alive for 12 years."I just turned 12 years old." His eyes widened in shock before returning to normal with a smirk. "Well princess, if you want you can stick with me."

I nodded my head, grateful that I wouldnt have to sleep in bushed and would have something to eat. "Come on than, we have to go find food for the today." He said before stepping behind a bush and stripping. He came out as a wolf and barked at me before nodding his head towards a tree, indicating that I do the same.

I took his clothes off and folded them before shifting. I shook my fur out and came out. He looked at me and raced into the forest with me not to far behind. I guess life as a rouge wont be too bad after all.

Hey guys! What did you think of this chapter? I know you guys are trying to figure out where Jasmine fits into the story but all will be understood soon but for those of you who figured it out or think you have let me know in the comments and I might tell you whether or not your right. Until next time, like normal comment and heart please! Peace!

~xoxo aj

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