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   Chapter 52 A letter

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I havent seen Ashton since I told him about the war. He refused to believe that the alpha Davis pack, lunar dusk, would never declare war on us especially since Davis practically stepped in as his father. He was much like Liam in that area, only difference, is that when the evidence was presented to him he didnt stay in denial.

A few days after I awoke from my coma, we found the remains of a wolf from our pack and although we mourned, we were happy to say this this wolf did not have any intimate family that would care about her death. The lunar dusk left their mark and scent all over her.

Ive checked in on Drew once, since hes came and poor Ronnie is feeling the affects of the mate bond. Ive gotten several missed calls from Jay and over 30 text messages asking if I knew of Ronnies whereabouts. I havent had the courage to face him and tell him it might be days, weeks, months, or even years before he could see Ronnie.

Drew is still rarely in control, often leaving Dante to threaten me. It kills me to know that my brother is majorly suffering due to his wolf, the only one that was supposed to help him no matter what, and now hes slowly killing him. I told Ashton everything about the war, except for one major part.

My mother did not tell me about the war, as a matter of fact, my mother was nowhere to be located in the heavens. Robin told me with Louis by her side, as the new moon goddess, which doesnt make sense. Robin was suppose to live thousands of years on earth with her mate and hopefully family before she was forced to move them to the heavens.

I stared at the letter thatd been given to me by one my new pack members. It had no address as to where and who it was from, only my name, and yet I knew exactly who sent me this letter. I rubbed my fingers over the stamped catalayanorchid afraid of what was on the inside of the envelope.

My fingers skimmed the lining for the opening before finally, gently, ripping it open. I pulled out an image that made me gasp and drop the letter entirely. I held my hand over my mouth as I lent down and picked the picture up again, a muffled sob escaping my throat.

Tears threatened to overflow my eyes as I looked at the picture of my brutally murdered family. Even though it was my whole family, my father stood out the most as his death, hisbody, was worst than anyone elses. With shaky hands I pulled out the other piece of paper from within the letter.

Hello love. Do you like my art work? Daddy says its beautiful, but I must know if you approve of it. I heard about how those terrible people you called family treated you and decided why not make them suffer too? Only ten times worse. I think the little girls scream, what was her name? I believe it was Emma, to be the most satisfying of all but than again she runs a tough race with Richard. He begged me not to hurt his family or you.

Its pitiful how people change so quickly in their final moments of life. One day love, me and you will rip out the throats and tear off the heads of those who do not deserve to live as I did to this family. I cant wait to be with you, perhaps we will figure out a way to have our own biological pups and than marry. We will rule the world side by side and be known as the most fearful of them all. See you soon precious. Love, Vanessa aka soon to be mate and wife.

I threw the letter across the room as my heart pounded loudly. I needed to find Ash, and show him this, or maybe I should contact the shadow mountains alpha.Do both!Akasha growled at me. I quickly grabbed my phone and t

uld already tell that you were going to refuse in giving him help."

"Of course I was! Why would I help the bastard that not only took my mate from me but allowed her to live after she killed my children." Very good points Ash, but Ive got even better ones. "Youre going to help him because you owe it to him. If he hadnt found me at the mating ball than we wouldve never met and became mates. Youre going to help because of your pack Ashton."

"Were going against a pack with a extremely powerful witch and although we all bare segnis that is not strong enough to overcome them, so if you want to put our packs lives in danger and allowed them to be killed because you didnt want to join forces with another pack since you have a bad past with that pack, than be my damn guest. Just know, I will not stand by you."

"I will leave this pack if thats what I need to do in order to make sure both of these packs make it out safe and well." I ended my rant. He hung his head in shame as I took calming deep breaths. I was sure my brown eyes were no longer brown but instead a bright amber color.

"Youre right." I looked at him as his eyes dimmed back to an emerald green. "We have to help them to help us but I need you to understand that as long as we are working with him, rules are going to be stricter, so much stricter, especially for you." I smiled, finally happy that were at some agreement.

Hey guys! I am so sorry that I went MIA for 2 weeks but a lot has happened in these past 2 weeks that has taken up my time. Anyways what did you guys think of the chapter? I wasnt sure whether or not I should describe the picture or leave it up to your imagination of how it looks. Why wasnt Jay at the meeting? Is Ashton holding some information about Vanessa away from Alyaez? Is there a connection between Elisabettaand the other characters besides Vanessa? I think this is a good question, now that Alyaez and Liam are back in such a close environment, will they end up back together? Let me know what you think in the comments below and as normal comment and heart! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo aj

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