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   Chapter 51 Dangerous arrival

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Ashtons POV-

I sat at the bedside of Alyaez as the doctors tried to predict when she would wake up but it was nearly impossible. A werewolf fainting is unheard of, but a werewolf in a coma is suppose to be impossible. I guess it is though since she is laying there, still as someone whod just died.

Death, its funny how its often come to visit me even when I was a young child. I remember my grandparents vaguely telling me that my mother had killed my father in anger and than quickly took her life. I used to think they lied to me, that my parents were still out there, somewhere lost looking for me. Only 10 years later, it took the two most important people in my life away from me that Id never be able to get back no matter what.

Now, Im sitting in the infirmary, with my mate not knowing when or evenifshed ever wake up. If she didnt, I wouldnt be able to lead this pack, at least not without bringing harm towards it due to my emotions. I gripped her hand and gently kissed it as I stared at her beautiful black hair and stroked it, feeling the silky smooth texture. "Ashton, darling, how are you doing?"

I looked up to see my grandmother with a small sad smile. "Bunica, I dont know how to feel right now." I whispered honestly and heard her walk over before feeling the soft grip on my shoulder. "I know, I should be scared but I cant help but to feel numb and calm. Its as if my mind knows that she will be alright but my body doesnt" I heard her sigh.

"Ashton, Alyaez is a very strong woman so I believe she will wake up. I dont know if you heard what I told Alyaez at the celebration but here is what I said. I prayed to our beloved moon goddess that she would give you another mate because I did fear that you would never be happy again and Id never been so thankful and felt so blessed than I did when you walked in with Alyaez by your side, genuinely smiling."

She grabbed my chin and turned my head towards her so that I was staring at her. "I dont think Devanear would send you a second mate, only to take her away." She told me softly whilst putting a cold object in my hand. She smiled and left the room as I opened my hand to see what object shed placed.

My heart broke as I stared at a necklace that I hadnt seen in years. I opened it to reveal a three panels. In the first panel was my parents when theyd just met, in the second was me and my parents not long after I was born. We looked so happy you wouldve never believed the trouble coming our way.

The third panel was empty, it never got the chance to be filled with a happy memory. I looked at Alyaez and than at the panel and declared that I would put a happy memory in there, even if it meant that it wasnt me within in it. I stared at Alyaez and than looked to the sky.Devanear I know you can hear me so please grant me this blessing and save my mate. Ive already lost so many important people in my life and without her, I wouldnt be me.

My eyes flickered to Alyaez as if expecting her to open her eyes at that very moment but nothing happened. Her body stayed still and Chase howled in anguish. What if she doesnt wake up?I heard growling in my head

his possible? Did she pick me as a mate or did Devanear really put us together? Is she magical?

"How?" She darkly chuckled. "Long story short, I was separated from the rest of my family at birth because of my, I suppose you would call, birth mother. Never knew about my real family until about a month back, when I discovered I had a twin sister, a brother with a dysfunctional wolf, a regular werewolf father, and a goddess for a mother."

A dysfunctional wolf? "How could your brother have a dysfunctional wolf?" She shook her head. "That is a story for a different time. Back to the main point, Im half werewolf, half goddess which means I can communicate with my mother via death or more recently dream." She died! Why did I not know about this? "My mother, although she is the creator of our existence and society, does not control fate."

"If she doesnt control fate, than who does?"Devanear was suppose to have power over everything. "I dont know but she does and refuses to tell, something about it would break me if I knew." I looked at her with curiosity. "So, why are you telling me this, I mean other than the fact that we are mates." Sometimes, a insensitive 14 year old Ashton came out. I think this was one of those times.

"There is a war upon us."

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update but as many of you know if you live in the U.S, super bowl just happened and while I am not a great fan of what is called football, my family is. What did you think? I honestly dont have any questions for you to think of. Oh! How about should Alyaez tell Ashton, that her brother with a dysfunctional wolf actually resides within in his land? Is Ronnie ever going to be able to go back home safely with the war that is going to occur? Let me know what you think and as normal, comment and heart! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo aj

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