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   Chapter 50 Let& 39;s make a Deal

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Liams POV-

Its been a 4 dayssince Alyaez left me, 4 dayssince my daughter has been born, and 4 daysof having to deal with Liliana trying to take position as the Luna of my pack. I dont understand why she thinks that just because I no longer have a mate and that she is the mother of my only child means that she is the Luna. Id never select her as Luna since she seems to put her needs before everyone, including our 1 week old daughter, first.

I was currently looking over documents about the pack and propositions from other packs while Liliana took care of Ember in my room. I sighed as I read that lately, more and more rouges had been crossing over to my territory and trying to attack us but never made it past my first set of guards on the borderlines. It didnt make sense that we were being attacked by rouges.

Weve never been attacked by the rouges because even they know how much power my pack has and how easily itd be to just kill all of them. I heard a knock on my door and muttered a quick come in as I continued to eye the documents in front of me. "Alpha, the Lunar shadow pack has arrived." My beta Louis told me and I nodded my head as I put the document in a file and locked them inside of a drawer. "Yes, please take Alpha Davisand his beta to the meeting room and tell the rest of his pack to reside in the den. Make sure there are guards." I spoke as I made sure my suit looked well.

I walked to the meeting room and opened the doors. "Greetings Alpha Davis, how has your day gone?" I asked in a polite voice. "Good and although Id hate to do this, I must cut the pleasantries short as we are not here for a friendly discussion but rather a deal Id like to make with you." I nodded my head in agreement of his words. "So, what is this so tempting deal that I absolutely cannot refuse?"

He smiled and motioned his hand to his beta as a young woman with purple hair came in. "Alpha Torres, Id like to meet my eldest and only daughter Vanessa." The young woman stared at me with brilliant green eyes. "Nice to meet you Vanessa, with no disrespect intended why has your daughter come to such an important meeting?" I questioned.

"Alpha Torres, it is no secret to the packs of the north that you have recently lost your mate, Alyaez Turner-" I cut him off. "If your deal is to offer me your daughter as a Luna to join our packs together than my answer is no. Im afraid there will not be a Luna to this pack for quite some time." He laughed. "My daughter is lesbian and has no attraction towards you whatsoever, however your old mate is a different story." My eyes narrowed into slits. "What are you getting at?"

"I would like you to hand Alyaez over so that she, may be my daughters mate." Demetrius growled at the thought of him referring to Alyaez as an object.Calm down. Its not like I can hand her over since she isnt here no more and even if she was I wouldnt dare give her up.

r mate along with this. I will have no problem taking her."

He stalked off as my anger continued to grow. My own brother, wants to take my child from me. This is fucking bullshit. I went into the room as everyone cleared out. I looked down at Ember, her eyes were shut as she slept. "Dont worry, princess. I promise Im not going to let him take you. Youll stay with mommy and daddy where you belong and have the best life ever." I whispered.

I dialed Lilianas number as I realized, that she indeed was not here. It went to voicemail and I called three more times but never got an answer. Shes probably busy.Too busy to pick up her phone, especially since it is you, the father of her child calling.I ignored Demetrius.Dammit, Liam. Take your head out of your ass and see the fucking truth. She is the reason why Ember is in the hospital and the reason that Reina and Cole is dead. No matter how much we want do deny it, it is the truth.

I pushed him away. Shed never do that to her own family. I dont understand why everyone is so hellbent on Liliana being a murder. She wouldve told me the truth if she did kill those kids because they are her children and to poison her only living child now would be insane since shes already lost two. I know the truth, but that doesnt matter because now I have to prove to the council that I am fit to raise my child.

Hey guys! So I hope you liked this chapter because damn was it hard to write. Now this is a lot of drama. Jay wants to take Ember from Liam, the lunar pack has declared a war on both Liam and Alyaezs pack. Do you guys think Jay will succeed in taking little Ember? Is Liam being blind or the only one who sees the truth? Let me know what you think and as normal comment and heart! Until next time, peace!

~xoxo Aj

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