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   Chapter 49 Celebration

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Ashton walked in to the pack house and led me to a balcony that had a beautiful view of a clearing and the forest behind it. Soon people of all ages started gathering in front staring at Ashton with admiration and respect.AmanandAnastepped in front of us and smiled down at the pack as they bared their necks showing submission to them. "Welcome dear family. Today, we gather for a wondrous event as our grandson, your soon to be alpha has finally found his forever mate." Ashtons grandfather spoke with a harsh Romanian accent.

Cheers erupted among the crowd as Ashtons grandparents smiled at us proudly. They waited for the crowd to quite down as the atmosphere filled with a light sadness. "We all remember Ashtons first mate that we will not speak the name of and his two wonderful children, Reina and Cole. For the longest time I believed that my grandson, would not be able to recover from such a tragic event, but I remembered something my own mother would always tell me."

"Just becauseyou cannot see the sun doesnt mean that it is not shining. It just means that the sun is warming up behind the clouds to give you the best day ever. I prayed to our moon goddess that she would bless him with another kind and loving mate. She listened to my prayers and made them cometrue. Ive never seen Ashton radiate so much happiness than what he is now, so Ill end my speech and allow my husband to finish this up." Ashton grasped my hand and kissed it as his grandfather stepped forward.

"I think my wife has said everything that I wanted to say so without further ado, I present to you, your future Alpha Ashton Stone and his Luna, Alyaez Turner" He waved his arms at us as we walked forward. I smiled at the many pack members that Id acquired as they cheered and clapped for me and Ash. I felt welcomed and already unconditional love from my new pack. We allowed everyone to quite down before speaking a few words of kindness and feeling grateful and than declared to have a dinner in the main dining hall.

Everyone left as me and Ashs family stood on the balcony. "Welcome to the family, Alyaez. My name is Ivantie Lupei and it seems as if youve already met my wife, Mariana." He stuck his hand out and I went to shake it but the moment his hand grasped mine, he pulled me into a hug. I looked at Ashton and he only shrugged his shoulders in reply as I slowly wrapped my arms back around Ivantie.

I felt myself be pulled out of the mans hug and into another much more delicate pair of arms. "Thank you."I heard Ana whisper in my ear before she pulled back and smiled at me. "How about we stop standing here and go join our pack for a much needed celebration." Ivantie spoke and we nodded. "Vom cobor? ?ntr-un mic bunic." They left us alone and I looked at him smiling. "What do you think so far?"

"Its wonderful. Ive never seen a pack that is so welcoming and loving to new members." He wrapped his arms around my waist and lent his forehead against mine as his scent surrounded me. "Im glad you like it. Before we go in th

ndent my lip but continued to fight as I howled in pain and agony while Leto stood and watched me. I fell to my knees and hit the ground as I continued to fight my bodys instincts.

Slowly everything subdued and became numb but I could still feel that I was in a mid shift. I looked at Leto as she stared at me with hard eyes. You are still weak, pup. No matter how much you call yourself a Luna you are not one yet. You cant even handle the pain of this exercise so how do you expect yourself to lead a pack.I growled ready to pounce but my body was frozen in place.

You are a disgrace to be my heir Akasha and you Alyaez could never be a truly powerful women. You run from your problems instead of facing them. You always blame someone else for something going wrong even when it is your fault. I cant believe that you are my child. She snarled at me before disappearing. I felt myself began to black out once she left as the pain came back 10 times harder than original.

I heard a voice yelling my name in the background but the world continued to darken as I once again taken to speak with a very important person.

Guys, I know this is a pretty shitty chapter and I know that this is a really late update but Im going to be honest. Im running out of ideas...Im not one of those authors who outlined their story before writing it, I mean I knew what my first few chapters would be but after that Ive been writing on wing. I really need some ideas from you guys that can help me to figure out these next few chapters.Moving on, what did you guys think of Ivantie and Ana? Do you guys think that Alyaez and Ashton made the right decision by deciding it was best not to live together? And Leto, lovely Leto, was she right about Alyaez? Let me know what you think in the comments and until next time like normal, comment and heart please! Peace!

~xoxo aj

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