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   Chapter 48 What did I do

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Liams POV-

I watched her enter the elevator and than the doors shut. She was gone, for good this time. I felt like killing myself over and over because of what Id done and caused. I shouldve gone after her yesterday and apologized for my words but my pride stood in the way. My mind seemed to have gone blank and my emotions consisted of only pain and regret. I didnt cry or scream. I just satas I silently suffered.As much as I hate you and wish to never speak with you again, you need to pull yourself together, we have a daughter to take care of.I heard Demetrius growl at me. He was right, but the thing was, now that Ive lost Alyaez, I dont know how to function. It was like when shed been taken from me, except for this time she wasnt coming back no matter how hard I fight to get her back.

She rejected me and now shes going to live with her mate, my ex best friend Ashton. I figured out that he was her mate the moment she spoke his name. I cant believe that she actually believed Ashton over me, the man who has been around longer and would never lie to her about such things as in those childrens death. I do admit, what I did to Ashton was wrong, but he wasnt treating Liliana right. She would always come back to the pack, complaining about how he never cared for her anymore and didnt show her the love that she shouldve received as his mate and that he was still messing with other she-wolfs.

I walked in and seen Liliana on her phone, texting someone. Our daughter, lie in the hospital bassinet awake and looking around. "Youre back honey. Did you finally reject her?" I ignored her as I went over to Ember and picked her up. She looked at me with her tinyblue eyes before reaching her hand to my face. I grabbed it and kissed her hand. "Daddy loves you little angel." I whispered gently as I held back tears from the pain of the rejection. I put her down and looked at Liliana. I wanted to hate her for being the main reason Alyaez rejected me but I couldnt because she gave me my angel.

"Liliana, please shut up." I told her coldly and she looked at me shocked. "How can you speak to me like that? I am your mate." Mate, as if. My mate left me. "No, youre the reason my real mate rejected me." I seen the corners of her mouth twitch up. "Does that make you happy? Of course it does, youre nothing but a witch that strivesto ruinmy life." I snarled at her. "How dare you? I gave you, this child. I showed you love when she did not and you have the audacity to call me a witch. Why dont you get it!? I love you so damn much Liam." It would have been a touching speech had the majority of it not been a lie.

"Liliana, you never loved me. If you did, you would have seen that I was trying to make things work with Alyaez but instead you interfered every chance you got to destroy our bond." She glared at me harshly as I finished the sentence. She began to say something when Dr.Harper walked in. "Hello Alpha, Luna." I cut her off before she could say anything else. "She is not the Luna of my pack." The woman eyes widened in fear. "I apologize Alpha Torres but as I was saying before you and Liliana are permitted to go home and take little Ember with you." I nodded my head in acknowledgement as well as dismissal towards her.

She left immediately. "Get up and get your shit together. Were leaving now." She glared at me again but followed my orders anyway. I picked Ember up gently and put her in the carrier that wed acquired sometime during Lilianas pregnancy.

nt to my book case and picked up the bookHush, Hush. I seen Ally pick it up in interest when she first got here.

I missed her like hell. Why couldnt Ive been a half decent mate to her? Why did I have to be such an jack-ass? I shouldve started treating her like the queen she is the moment I got her back from Drew, but instead I continued to treat her like some other she-wolf. I loved her with all of my heart, and I wanted her to see that but every time Id take a step forward to getting her to see my love, Id knock myself another 3 steps back with a dumb remark or action.

She was willing to continue trying to love me, even after I did everything possible to hurt and break her. She still wanted to have a family with me and yet I was to ignorant to see that. Now, thats shes gone, I want her back. I want to wake up to her scent as she lie in my arms. I want to see othersget angry when, they see my mark on her and her mark on me. I want to watch her walk down the aisle, as I make her my one and only love in every way possible. I wanted all of these things, that I couldve had, if I simply had pulled my head out of my ass a bit earlier.

If I had realized everything, she wouldnt be gone. Shed be in my arms helping me take care of Ember, but now she isnt, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Hey guys! I know this chapter is a day late but starting back to school is stressful. Anyways, thank you to whoever it was that said I should do a chapter on Liams POV of Allys rejection towards him. I am sorry I didnt post your profile link but I was to lazy to go through the comment and find you but you know who you are. What did you guys think of this chapter? Do you think Liam will realize the truth or that everyone else willdiscoverthe truth? Also guys, thank you so damn much! THERE IS OVER 1000 HEARTS ON THIS BOOK AND OVER 100K READS ON THIS BOOK! I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH! LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, I AM SCREAMING AS I WRITE THIS PART BECAUSE I DID NOT BELIEVE THIS TO BE POSSIBLE! I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO DAMN MUCH!

~ XOXO XOXO XOXO ???????????????????????????????? Aj

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