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   Chapter 45 Leaving (part 2)

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I began walking towards the infirmary as I rehearsed exactly what I was going to say and do when I seen Liam. I dont understand why Im doing this but I just felt the need to. I got on the elevator that led to the sixth floor and went into the room where Liliana and Liam resided with their child. I knocked gently before entering and seeing Liam hold and rock Ember to sleep.

"Why are you here? If it isnt clear me nor Liam wants you here around us or our daughter"Liliana hissed and I ignored her as Liam glared at me. "May I speak with you outside?" I asked him politely. "What the hell could you possibly want? If youre here to convince me that Liliana is a child murder, you should leave." I bit my tongue as I held back the smart remark I wanted to speak. "No it is not abouther.Please Liam, can I speak with you outside." I practically begged him.

He groaned before putting little Ember in her hospital bassinet and walking outside closing the door behind him. "What do you want Alyaez?" I took a deep breath. "I cant deal with you anymore. Im sick of the bullshit youve put me through and how youve never defended me on something Ive spoke when someone attacks me, if anything you help the person. You basically rejected me yesterday without saying the words so Ill say them for you." His eyes widened as he realized what I was about to do. "Please-" My voice overpowered his as I spoke the words that would forever change our lives.

"I, Alyaez Dalaje Turner, hereby reject you Liam Mason Torres as my mate." I felt the bond between our souls break as he dropped to his knees and gripped his chest. "I told you yesterday that I was done. I was going to wait for you to come back and realize your wrong doings but you never did before so what was going to change now." He looked at me as tears left his eyes. "Please, take me back. I love you Alyaez and I didnt mean anything I said before." Liam begged me gripping my hands.

I didnt feel his sadness or any love towards him but than again Ive never felt love towards him before. I slipped my hands out of his, the only thing I felt towards him at the moment was pity. I couldnt bring myself to feel sympathetic, sad, or pain for him. "Please dont do this."I heard him whimper as I turned my back and started walking away. I stopped and without turning my head spoke the words that Id been saying the whole time. "I tried."

I left the floor and heard sobs behind me. I pulled my phone out and called Ronnie, the only person, I could trust with my secret operation. The phone rang a few times before it was picked up.Hello.I quickly explained to him my plan of saving my brother.Well, how are we going to get him out. If I let him go whiles hes conscious Dante will kill me.I thought for a moment before an idea came to my head. "Use a heavy rock and than give him a shot of wolf banes just in case he wakes up, hell be weak enough for you to knock him out again." I heard a sigh on the other side of the line before Ronnie reluctantly agreed.

Our conversation ended and I walked to the border of Liams pack with my suit case in hand. Normally when Id come to the borde

ng me up, twirling me in a circle. He placed me down and smiled. "Thank you."He whispered and I smiled hugging him tight. Ashtons embrace felt so comfortable and natural, something Id never experiencebefore. "I think you should meet the pack if you want." He offered and I nodded my head, ready to walk out and meet my new pack before I realized I was in the same clothing from last night and I did not look appealing at all.

"Can I change clothes, first?" He smiled and let my hand go as I went into my suitcase searching for a nice shirt and some jeans along with shoes. I went to his bedroom and put on the clothes, I picked out. I came out of the room and he smiled at my clothing. "My adorable little panda."He said grabbing my hand and leading me outside to the back. We began walking through his backyard forest to the pack house, hand in hand, smiling as we started a new and hopefully better portion of our lives.

Shout out toIqra.xoxo! Make sure to go read her bookLovers Quest So, guys I think I did the poll pretty fairly. I waited a week and a few days for people to vote before putting up this chapter. I apologize to those who wanted her to be with Liam but in the future I can do a kindave spin-off of how her and Liams story ended without any of the drama and just basically how a few months of their life went if you guys want. Now, to those who chose Ashton well actually to all the readers period, I want your opinion on whether or not Ally and Ash should live together now or if she should live in the pack house for awhile until they think their relationship has progressed enough along. Also, Liam and Liliana are not fully out of the story yet and probably wont be for awhile. This is probably the longest message to you guys Ive wrote but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the two part chapter. As normal heart and comment what you think below. Until next time bye lovelies.

~xoxo Aj

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