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   Chapter 44 Leaving (part 1)

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I walked into the room Liam and I had been sharing and looked in the closet for a suit case to pack my stuff. I heard the door open and turned to see my sister Robin standing in the doorway. "What are you doing?"she asked walking closer, our previous argument being forgotten for the time. "Im packing" I told her as I threw in the clothes I bought when I first came which was 4 months back. "For?" I stopped and turned around to look at her. "Im leaving. Im going to move in with Ashton." I told her and her face saddened. "You dont even know him like you know Liam." She spoke trying to stop me from leaving. "I wish I didnt know Liam at all." I muttered furious as I thought of earlier.

"Look I know whatever Liam did or say made you mad but it cant be bad enough for you to leave and move in with your second mate." I looked at her and sighed. "Robin, he told me that he wishd hed just rejected me the moment he seen me. He called Liliana his mate in front of me and didnt care I was there. What more proof do I need to know that Liam does not love nor want to be with me. Ashton has shown me he wants to be with me and love me, and not only that he knows what it is like to be cheated on by your mate so he would never do it to me." Robin stayed quite and looked at the ground before walking over and putting stuff in my suitcase.

"Thank you." I whispered quietly and she sighed. "Im only helping you because youre my sister and you deserve happiness even if we are in separate packs." I looked at her and stopped her hand as she placed an item into the case. "Hey, Ill come visit you. I have too, otherwise not only you, but Jay will kill me." She smiled sadly. "Once you get to the lunar dusk pack, youre going to be busy preparing to be luna." I agreed with her and so did Akasha.

Hey, are you okay?I asked her realizing that not once during our encounter with Liam did I hear oreven feel her. I guess. Demetrius is a really good wolf, but I never realized how cruel Liam was until he not only shoved Demetrius into a cage where I couldnt speak with him but basically rejected us as his mate.She whimpered and I knew that as soon as possible, I needed to get to Ashton, so Chase could help fix my wolfs broken heart.

"Youre right but I am sure Ashton will understand that I need to still see my family." I told her as we finished packing the case. "Come on, lets go let Jay and Ronnie know." She told me and we took the suitcase out to the car before going to find my little brother and his mate. We walked in the kitchen and seen Ronnie looking hopelessly in love at Jay as he stuffed his face with food. Jay looked at me smiled before swallowing the food in his mouth. "Its good to see you back home, no one knew where you were at." I smiled softly at the kid in front of me. Well he isnt a kid but you get the point.

"So what bring you two ladies in here to grace us with your presence?"he asked stuffing his face some more. "Im leaving"I told him and he choked coughing up some food as Ronnie hit his back. "Youre what?"He asked through coughs. "Im leaving, I cant stay here anymore."I told him and

will have until the war. I looked at him and waited for him to speak. "Im not Drew." I opened the door and began to leave as those words left his mouth knowing they were a lie. How could he not be Drew, maybe he has disociative identity disorder. "My name is Dante and I am Drews wolf. Drew has been locked inside of his own head for years." He yelled as the door shut. I stopped and turned towards him. "Prove it." I hissed knowing there is no way a wolf could control a human body for so long. I seen Drews irises change from pitch black to a really light grey.

"Please, help me. Dante has been controlling me and I only get out when he allows me." I didnt believe him. No, hes being honest. I cant believe, I didnt see it before. Drew was never the one to abuse us, it was always Dante.I wanted to laugh but Akasha has never lied to me. So, you mean to tell me, it is possible for a werewolf to be controlled by his or her wolf for years, like to the point that the human part doesnt exist.My brother might be trapped inside his own head because of his wolf.What do you think a rouge is? I think the only reason Drew still exists is because he is half god, Dante only draws power from that but if we can figure out how to rid Drew of Dante or teach Dante how to fully lock away Dante, we might be able to save him.

"I believe you." I whispered and the moment those words left his mouth Dante appeared. "What! How could you believe my wolf, he just wants me to stop killing. I promise, I will rip you apart and torture you like youve never been tortured before if you let me go." I wanted to believe those words because Id become accustomed to being threatened by him but I had to remember Akasha would never lie. "Im going to help you Drew, I promise." I spoke and left the room.

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