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   Chapter 41 I'm done

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I woke up to the sun shining brightly in my eyes, and went to get up to go shut the curtains, when I felt arms around my waist. I turned and seen Ash sleeping with a content smile on his face as his hair slightly covered one of his eyes. I moved the hair and smiled at him. I began playing with his hair and observing small details on his face. "Its not nice to stare."His sleepy voice spoke. "Its not nice to hold someone hostage with your arms either but we did both so I see no wrong." I said softly.

He chuckled before pulling me closer. "Go back to sleep, its not even nine yet."He mumbled and I checked my phone for the time to see that not only was it barely seven but I had over 20 missed calls from Liam, Robin, and Jay. I also had many text messages too, asking where I was at and if I was okay but the last one from Liam made my heart drop.Liliana is in labor.I didnt want to leave Ash but at the same time I felt the urgent need from Akasha to go and help Liam cope as Liliana gave birth to his daughter.

For once, Im going to tell you to ignore me. You deserve this time with Ash, when we get back to Liams, Ill deal with Demetrius so he can explain to Liam why we werent there.I heard Akasha speak and smiled. I snuggled closer into Ash as his arms tightened around my waist and he kissed my forehead. Soon his breathing evened out again and I listened to his heart beat as it lulled me back to sleep.

1 hour time skip

I woke to someone nuzzling my neck and giggled from being breathed on. "Good morning, again."I muttered. He picked his head up and looked at me with a sleepy look before laying back down to sleep again. "I have to go use the bathroom"I whispered as I felt the arm bar starting to tighten but instantly loosened the moment I spoke of my needs. I walked into the magnificent bathroom and took care of my business. When I came back out Ash was stretching allowing his muscles to ripple a bit and his tattoo to show its true form. I observed the rose that had a crown set atop of it and how it had no thorns on it and the crown was designed to look like one of the most beautiful crowns to be seen.

"Why a rose and a crown?"I asked him and he smiled lightly with a hint of sadness. "The tattoos are tributes to my children, so that way no matter what, I can never forget them." He said sliding a white t-shirt on. "Breakfast at my grandmas diner?"he asked and I nodded my head. He lay a set of clothes on the bed and walked out the room. I got dressed and than wewalked down the stairs and out his back door. "I figured that since it isnt too far we go in our wolf forms."he said and headed behind a tree to strip and shift. He came back out and I was greeted by the white wolf that captured my heart first.

"Youre so adorable"I said in a baby voice and he playfully growled. "I think I like you better in this form. You cant talk"I told him as I pet him and than was licked in the face by his rough tongue. Saliva began dripping down my face from the gigantic tonguethat just licked me. "Ew"My face cringed in disgust as I grabbed the shirt he had tied around his ankle and used it to dry my face. I tied his shirt back around his ankle and than went behind a tree and did the same as he did a few minutes ago. I came out and his wolf licked

snarled at her. They looked at me shocked.

"Ashton is nothing but a liar. Those kids drowned because Liliana trusted his grandmother to watch them and she didnt." He told me and I gaped at him. "How could Ashs grandmother had watched them, when they died the same night that Liliana took them tocomfortherself after being rejected by Ash because she cheated on him with you." Liam stared at meanger burning in his eyes. "How dare you accuse her of such a horrid action. You dont know nothing about her and neither does Ashton. That is why we got together. I shouldve rejected you when I first seen you."

I looked at him as tears began to burn my eyes. "You talk about rejecting me! Why dont I just goddamn reject you, after all you cheated on me, hit me, had a baby with another woman, and now you are saying youshould have rejectedme!Liam I try to stay by your side and understand why you do certain things, I really do but youre making it impossible for me to do so." I whispered.

He looked at me with no sympathy. "I think you should leave. Mymateand I would like to spend time getting to know our child"He snarled. That was it. The rejection without the actual words. I dried my tears and looked at him."I cant believe, that I ever even thought you would change into a caring loving mate. I hope you enjoy the life you chose cause Im done with the bullshit youve put me through." I spoke coldly before leaving the room.

Hey guys! Next chapter will be when Ally finally chooses who she is with. I know right now it seems like she is going to be with Ash but Liam can always take his head out his ass and realize he has a major problem. Anyways the baby is finally here! Yay! Guys, Im sorry if this was a shitty chapter, I just have pretty bad writers block and it took me 3 days to write this one chapter. Let me know what you think should happen in the future and who itll happen with. Until next time, like normal, heart and comment please. Peace!

~xoxo Aj

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