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   Chapter 40 Broken

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The world began to spin, the moment Liams name left his mouth. "Are you okay?" Ash asked me standing up and coming to my side. I shook my head no and pointed at the bathroom. He understood my message and led me in there quickly hurrying me into the stalls just as my dinner came back up. He pulled my hair back and patted my back as I continued to empty out the food I ate. When I finished he handed me a wet paper towel and lent me up against the stall.

"Whats wrong?" he asked me as he gently put his hand on my cheek. I didnt want to explain to him that my first mate is the man that allowed the murder of his children to live and is having a child with her. I just wanted to go home and rest and think things over but I didnt want to be anywhere near Liam and Liliana. "Can we go to your house?"I whispered. He nodded his head and picked me up bridal style allowing me to nuzzle my face into his neck and inhale his calming scent.

I didnt understand how Liam could allow Liliana to live when he knows how it feels to lose his own family and know exactly who the murder is. It made me sick to my stomach just knowing that I was mated to a man who allowed a child murder to live. How would Ash react to me being mates with his ex best friend? Hed probably reject me and than Id really have no choice but to be stuck with Liam.

Soon he sat me in the car and made sure that I was feeling a bit better before going to the drivers side and starting up the car. He began driving but would look at me every few moment making sure I was still okay. I grabbed his hand that wasnt on the well and squeezed it in hopes of giving him reassurance that I was okay. He smiled and brought my hand to his lips gently squeezing it before kissing my knuckles.

Our ride to his home was in comforting silence as we just held hands. He soon pulled into the driveway of a different house than earlier. I began to open my door to get out but Ashton beat me to it and picked me up bridal style again. "I feel good enough to walk." I mumbled and he stopped to look down at me and smile. "Thats good but that doesnt mean I cant and shouldnt carry you." He told me and continued walking towards the door way. "Why is your house so far from the pack house?" I asked him looking around and not seeing any lights that could resemble the home from earlier whatsoever. "They really arent far apart. If you walk about 5 minutes through the woods behind my home the pack house is right there." He told me and set me down on my feet to open the door.

I tried to peek into the woods to perhaps catch the slightest glimpse of the home. "You wont be able to see it because of how thick the trees are." I looked at him andhe chuckled putting his hand in front of himself as if to say come in which I did. "This is beautiful." I told him and he smiled. "I personally customized it and had it made by some of the best home builders you could find." I noticed a picture of two children happily smiling with only two baby teeth in the front of their mouth. They were adorable. "Is this your children?" I asked him noticing they both held the emerald green eyes that I bec

the door open and peeked my head out to see Ash lying on the bed on his phone.

"Hey Ash." He sat up and looked at me. I closed my eyes at the embarrassing thing I was about to ask."Do you perhaps have a clean brand new pair of under ware that I could use?" He chuckled. "You are in luck mlady. I just got a new package of underware a day ago." He walked to the dresser and pulled out some boxers before handing it to me. "Thanks."I muttered and quickly shut the door. I put on the boxers and than finished getting dressed before walking out. "Where can I put my dirty clothes?" I asked. "Just throw them in that empty basket over there. I walked over and put them in and when I turned around Ash was in the midst of taking his shirt off.

My jaw dropped as I once again observed the master piece of abs in front of me like I did the other day. "Like your view?" he jokingly asked. "I cant deny that I dont." I answered him and than stood in the middle of the room for a second as he laid down not sure if he wanted me to sleep in here or not. "Why dont you come lay down?"he offered and I gladly accepted sinking into the gigantic bed surrounded by fluffy pillows. I sighed and he chuckled before wrapping his arm around me. "Is this okay with you?" he questioned. Ashton and Liam were so different. The first night I stayed with Liam he forced me to sleep in his room and held me against him without asking if it was okay with me. He forced me to live with him in his home before I got to know him.

Ash asked me to stay the night and didnt just force me to live with him. He wanted to know how I felt with the things he did. He shared his past with me and understood how I felt. "Yeah." I mumbled and cuddled closer to him. He held me just like that and didnt make an attempt at anything else. I fell asleep feeling peaceful and safe in his arms.

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