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   Chapter 39 World crumbled

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I walked outside and began heading towards the border between I and Ashs pack.You do realize that as much as I would love too we cannot immediately reject Ash if you end up choosing Liam.Akasha told me quietly.Yes.Those were the only words we exchanged during our walk to Ash. When I finally made it to the border I looked around not seeing Ashton. "I was beginning to think you werent going to show up" a playful voice spoke, stepping out of the shadows. He walked over and wrapped me in a hug full of comfort and love. I sank into his embrace inhaling his addictive scent. "Its good to see you meu inima" he whispered in my ear. "Its good to see you too Ash although Id prefer if we stopped acting like we havent seen each other in years when it was only yesterday " I told him smiling up.

He stuck his hand out for me to grab. "Where are we going? " I asked him and he looked at me smirking. "Well it is almost dinner time so if it is okay with you I would like to take you out on a date." I smiled at him and nodded my head. We began walking as I observed the scenery of Ashtons land. It was much more bright and lively than my packs land and there was so much energy it was like you could feel it coming from the plants in a smooth positive flow. "

So, how did your original react to the news of us?" He asked me softly while gently grazing his fingers over my knuckles. "It could have been better, but than again it also could have been worst...way worst" I told him thinking all the possible negativeways Liam could have reacted and was grateful that he didnt. "Why dont you tell me about yourself some more. When we were at the diner you never mentioned anything of your family." I internally cringed when he began talking of my family.

What am I suppose to tell him? I was born the eldest in my werewolf mothers family with two younger sisters and three younger brothers as well but my father wasnt apart of my life because my mother separated me and my twin sister at birth since she didnt want to deal with my father nor my sister. Oh wait I cant forget that the woman that raised me and called I called mother isnt my actual biological mother because my mom is actually the moon goddess who had a relationship with a regular werewolf and together they had three children but all of them were taken from her and two were taken from him. By the way my brother is this psychotic werewolf that kidnapped and tried to rape me without knowing I was his sister and he also killed all of my original mates family.

"Its a really long complicated story that Id rather not share now."I told him and he nodded his head moving on to a different topic. We were laughing when we arrived in front of a rather grand house. "Your pack must love living here." I muttered unconsciously and he turned to me smiling. He lead me to the entrance and I looked at him confusingly. "I have to grab my keys and than we can go."He told me and began walking through. Children ran past us playing tag and teenagers sat in what I could only assume to be one of the many game rooms, chatting and laughing. I seen woman by the pool lounging as they watched the men wrestle in the pool, but the one thing that stood out was they all carried the segni. Even the little 3 and 4 years old children I had seen.

We walked into the garage where plenty of nice cars sat just waiting to be rode in. Ashton Grabbed a set of keys and began walking past all the cars. "So, um, which car is yours?" I asked as we got further from the entrance where, Id expect the son of the alphas car to be. "Dont own one."He told me smirking. "What do yo

as some pack member of the house and when I asked for her they said she was currently spending time with her mate and when I asked who it was my best friend. I hung up and cried my eyes out. How could I have been so dumb and foolish to not realize that whenever I couldnt get a hold of her, I couldnt get a hold of him either. I waited for her to come to my house to visit our children and when she did I rejected and confronted her. I shouldve known something was up because after I rejected her she wanted to take the kids, said she needed them for comfort." tears began coming out of his eyes and he put his head on the table.

"I shouldnt have let her have them. I shouldve told them how much I loved them." he whispered and I put everything he said together. "She killed them."I stated and he nodded his head. "I never seen it coming. It was like one day they were crawling around the house and the next I was burying them. I couldnt prove that it was her to have killed them because they drowned and no one can truly confirm that she was last person with my children but I know in my heart she was. I wanted her exiled but her so called mate didnt believe that she did it because of how shed acted with his little brother and sister so she still lives today with him in that filthy pack of theirs."

"What are their names?"I asked just in case I ever bumped into them. I wanted to make them suffer and pay for putting Ash through this. He didnt deserve to lose his children, it was enough his mate cheated on him with his own best friend. "Liam Torres and Liliana Gonzales." He said with hatred.

Hey guys! Your girl is back with a 6 page chapter! Thank you for all the support I got for my finals and the patience I got from you and for that I have a surprise! I am out of schoolfor a whole 2 weeks which means I should be able to update more. Now everyone knew something was wrong with Ash, guy was too perfect to be true. Well here is whats wrong with him, lets see how well you can connect Ash and Liliana to Liam and Ally. Let me know what you think might happen in future chapters below in the comments or in the his Luna group! Like normal comment and heart and until next time peace!


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