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   Chapter 36 ~Thanksgiving special~

His Luna By BonitaAJ Characters: 6309

Updated: 2018-08-21 15:33

Time skip for quite a few years

I sat in front of the stove making some cabbage when I felt arms wrap around my waist and light kisses being peppered on my neck. "That smells good love." Liam whispered and I chuckled. "Glad you think so, I decided to make something a bit different than normal."I said turning my head to kiss him. He let me go just as our son came toddling into the room with his brother and sister not far behind. Liam swooped him up into his arms. "Hey champ! Hows it going?"he asked the little one year old who started speaking gibberish and his father just nodded like he understood. I seen our other son and daughter walk into the room. My son was crying and my daughter was standing there with a bottle. I picked up my son while Liam picked up our daughter. "Whats wrong L.J?"I asked the crying toddler and he pointed to the bottle that his sister was holding. "Are you hungry?" I asked walking to the cabinet and opening it to grab him a bottle. I sat him on the counter and kept my eyes on him as I made him a bottle of milk because I didnt want him to fall off. I finished the bottle and handed it to him. He began to drink it greedily and I sat him on the floor to let him finish his snack. When I turned to Liam he looked terrified as our daughter pulled his hair and our son was hanging over his shoulder wriggling around. "Help me!" he squealed and I laughed and grabbed our daughter and gently placed her down so he can adjust the child that had previously been hanging on his shoulder. "Sometimes, I wonder why I had to give you three kids all at once instead of just one." I laughed and continued cooking. "Look what I brought bitches!" my sister screamed and put down one side tray while Louis put down three. "Robin language please."I told her and she smiled cheekily at me."Sorr

m my eyes. I swear I wasnt this emotional before I became pregnant. "I love you, Alyaez."he said and I couldnt do anything but smash my lips against his to express all the gratitude and love I felt for him. It was like our first kiss as real mates. It wasnt rushed or lusty. It was just us trying to put all the love we felt for each other into one kiss that would never truly make up for the love we truly felt. I smiledand mumbled into our kiss "Happy Thanksgiving".

Hey guys! Told you Id be putting up an chapter for thanksgiving chapter and here it is. For those of you who wanted Alyaez to be with Ashton do not worry a few days before Christmas I will be putting a chapter up for them even if she didnt end up with Ashton, I will allow you to know the future I had in store for them. Thank you so much for getting over 500 hearts on this book, which is something I didnt think would happen but you guys proved me wrong and I love and thank you so much for that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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