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   Chapter 35 Your fault

His Luna By BonitaAJ Characters: 4747

Updated: 2018-08-21 15:32

Drews POV-

I dont know how long its been since my younger sister has locked me in a cell for my wolfs actions.How could you say it is my actions that landed us in here?Dante growled at me.Because ever since our so called mother revealed that we were half god, youve had control of my body and now youve done so many things that I would never even think about doing.I heard his laughter echo through my head.Drew, we all know that you enjoyed killing every single person that weve ever killed.I wanted to block him out of my head but I couldnt. Somehow overtime, hes gained more power than me. I looked into the sky. I know you hear me mom. Please give me the strength to overcome and rid this demonic wolf that has been given to me. I want to bond with my sisters and see my father but I cannot with no control over my body.You think that bitch is going to reply to youre so called prayer. Face it, youre soul is too tainted for her to even listen to you. Now I think its time that you go back into your cage.He growled and I felt like someone had whacked me with a metal baseball bat into a brick wall. I looked through Dantes eyes and seen how he viewed the world. It was nothing but black and red. Someone walked in and I strained to try and get a closer look through his eyes but it was like there was an invisible barrier stopping me. "Hello Drew" I heard a familiar voice say and than realized it was my sis

y. "Wolf...took over... Im so sorry" I mumbled not having the strength to speak up properly. He lifted my head up and I was greeted with piercing lighting blue eyes. "How dare you say youre sorry? You killed my family and caused my little brothers pain."He snarled at me. "Win-winter is alive, I saved her" I spoke quietly.

Hey guys I know this an extremely short chapter compared to others but Im going to be making a thanksgiving special chapter! So Liams little sister, Winter is alive, at least thats what Drew says. He may just be trying to save his life. What do you think of Dante? Still hate Drew? Let me know what you think below in the comments and until next time like always peace!


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