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After thinking for hours I finally went to bed and now it was the next day. Today I was going to meet Ashton at the border and discuss our...situation.I walked to my dresser and searched through it searching for an outfit and found Ashs shirt that he had given me. The smell of cherries and raspberries quickly surrounded my senses making my body almost completely numb.Snap out of it.Akasha told me quietly.So now you want to talk to me.I spoke a bit angry by her sudden disappearance when I needed her most.Look Im sorry. I was just so angry that we found our second mate especially since I already love our first so I lashed out. I didnt even think about how you mightve felt about Ashton which is so selfish of me to do.I smiled and continued to search for some clothes.Its okay, apology accepted. I told her pulling out anoutfit. I quickly got dressed and started walking to the kitchen to be greeted by the smell of chocolatepancakes and coffee. I hurried into the kitchen and seen Liam setting two plates down on the table. He looked at me and smiled. "Breakfast?" he offered and I sat down quickly accepting his offer with no hesitation. I cut the pancake and took a bit as multiple flavors burst into my mouth one of them being the slightest taste of cinnamon. I moaned in delight of the food and closed my eyes savoring the flavor. I heard a chuckle and quickly remembered I wasnt alone and opened my eyes to see Liam across the table eating his food while staring at me. I blushed. "Enjoying the food, I see."He stated. I swallowed the food in my mouth and answered him. "Are you sure you cooked this yourself?" I asked jokingly. "How dare you insult me by thinking I did not cook this glorious breakfast!" He said playfully and brought his hand to hurt faking being hurt. We were quiet for a moment or two before we started laughing. We laughed for a few moments before finally calming down. "Really though Liam, where did you learn how to cook this?"I asked genuinely curious. His eyes darkened for a moment before returning to their normal baby blue. "My mom taught me how when I was younger."He mumbled quietly but I could still hear him. "Liam, what happened to you family?"I asked quietly since we had already brought the topic of his mom up.

Flashback and POV switch to Liam

I sat on my bed texting my girlfriend when I heard a piercing scream. I dropped my phone and ran out ignoring my wolfs warnings to stay in my room. My dad was pushing Winter and Mom into his office and began to turn around when he was shot. Everything began to go in slow motion for me as he fell to the ground. His head turned towards me and his mouth began to open when he got shot two more times. A young man with dark brown hair and ice blue eyes stepped over him and bent down to my fathers head whispering something to him with his back towards me. He stood up and walked into my fathers office. I heard my mother beg him not to hurt them and than a horrific scream followed by a gun shot. I heard Winters little cries of fear and wanted badly to help her but my body was frozen in place. One more gunshot was heard before the man walked out

s a werewolf." he told me. "So youre my mothers brother?"I asked as thoughts of my little brother being mate to my uncle crossed my mind and I shivered in disgust. "No, I am a good friend of your mother. Actually shes probably pretty pissed that I am revealing myself to you, Ill have to deal with her when I go and visit." He told me. "So how were you the heir than?" I asked confused. "I was murdered by my siblings when I was only 12 years old and Theia had not had any children yet. She seen something in my soul that made her choose me as her original heir." he said quickly. "Thats besides the point, though. How has training with Leto gone?" I scratched the back of my head and looked away. "I ran away during the first session and havent done one since." I spoke quickly and he laughed. "Your mother shines within you, Alyaez." I looked at him confused. "Your mother hated training with Theia once she was of age to become moon goddess so she would run away mid session and not do another session for another month." he told me. "She did that?" I spoke shocked. "Oh yes, she was a wild one but we need to get back on track." His face quickly turned serious. "Ok, what do you have to tell me." He rolled his eyes and than they changed colors. "You have 3 moons before war will strike and try to take your life." His voice changed becoming more high pitched but not extremely and than he passed out. "What the hell?"I muttered just as Jay walked in.

Hey guys! I know its been awhile since Ive updated but Im still catching up on missed homework which has been stressing me. What did you think of Liams past? Did anyone see that Ronnie being an heir to Theia was coming? What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know what you think in the comments as usual. Until next time, bye!


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