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   Chapter 31 My path

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Alyaez POV-

"Oh my gosh Ally I just had the worst dream ever about you finding your second mate and than you said you were leaving."Robin spoke looking relieved. "That wasnt a dream Robin"I told her quickly crushing her bubble. Her orange eyes lightened to the color of a brand new fire burning. "What the hell!? Why the fuck are you leaving when youve already got a stable life and home here?"She snarled at me. "He seems better than Liam is. Ever since Ive met him hes treated me like a queen."I told her softly and she glared at me. "And exactly when did you meet this fucker. "she questioned. "Today "I mumbled. "Today! So how do you know hes such a wonderful mate? For all we know he could be a deranged psychotic murder that abuses his pack!"She yelled at me and I slightly winced. "Wouldnt be too different from the life I have here than."I muttered and her eyes pierced my head. "What the hell do you mean it wouldnt be too different? Liam loves you and treats you well. He doesnt abuse his pack and he sure as hell isnt no psychopath killer." she told me. "You fucking hypocrite."I told her and she stared atme shocked. "Excuse me, what did you say?" she asked me and I repeated the same words I just spoke a few minutes ago. "You fucking hypocrite." If looks could kill Id be dead with the way she was glaring at me. "How the hell am I a hypocrite?"She growled. "When you first met Louis he was all nice to you and shit. He treated you like a fucking queen and you didnt accuse him of any of the things you just accused Ash of but the moment I find my second mate that treat me like the fucking queen of the world you accuse him of being a psychopathic murder."I yelled. "Thats because I know Louis, you dont know this fucking scum bag." She hissed at me. "You didnt know Louis and yet I bet you let him fuck you the first night you two met. Two days after you met him you moved into his home"I spoke crossing a line that no one should ever cross when it comes to mates. "You know what at least my mate loves me enough not to cheat on me and get some hoe pregnant. Get the hell out of my room Alyaez." That hurt but I obliged feeling her piercing glare on my back as I walked out keeping my head up. I slammed the door behind me and ran to my room. Tears began to overflow my eyes. Isnt family suppose to support and love you no matter what? If they are, it sure as hell dont feel like it.Why the hell are you crying? You started it now handle it like a grown woman would.Akasha growled at me.Why do you hate Ash so much, hes our second mate.I asked her as the tears didnt slow down nor speed up.Exactly. Ashton is our second mate so why would I like him when I already l

ed when I arrived here. I couldnt compare myself to Nora Gray because she didnt have to make the choice of who shed spend the rest of her life with, only on whether or not jumping was worth saving Patch. Even than she got what she wanted which was a relationship with Patch. I dont live in some story tale where the girl goes through this horrible phase of life or death situations but in the end still somehow survive and get my prince charming. I live in the real world where werewolves exist and some are faced with a decision that will forever change their life. I live in a world where werewolves hide themselves among humansso that we can coexist peacefully. I live in a world where life just isnt fair to me at all and want to break me so much that Im not fixable. I refuse to be broken though because I am strong. I survived 18 years of verbal and mental abuse from a woman that I called mother so why the hell couldnt I survive this. There was no excuse for me to just give up and die. I could only move forward. Theres a reason for everything and I was going to figure out my reason for life. My first step was figuring out how to choose my mate and not hurt anyone to badly in the process.

Hey guys! I know its been awhile since Ive updated but I have been really busy with school and recently became a basketball manager so that makes my schedule even busier. So whatd you think of what Jay said? What did he mean by draw your own path? Do you think her and Robin will make up soon? Who do you think her mate should be? Liam the cold heartmerciless killer or Ashton mysterious hot kind alpha? Let me know what you think in the comments!

~xoxo Aj

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