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   Chapter 29 Appointment

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Liams POV-

I watched her walk out of the room and frowned. I know I told her I was okay with her going to live with her othermatebut Im not. I just got her back a few weeks ago and now Im supposed to lose her to some other guy even though I truly love her. I know what she said is true but thats what makes us different. We dont just automatically love each other like other mates. We want to know each other before we do. Theres a reason that guy is her second mate and us not belonging together is not one of them. I stood up and walked out of the room to the gym. Louis is likely to be there since he is in charge of training at this hour. On my way I thought of the appointment with Liliana.


We walked in the infirmary Liliana clinging to my side like an annoying fly. I walked to the counter where a young lady sat. "Alpha"she spoke showing her neck as a form of submission. "Appointment for Liliana Gonzalez. "she nodded her head and immediately looked in the book. "Dr.Olivas?"she asked and I looked at Liliana for confirmation since shes come twice before this. I looked at her stomach again that was poking out more like basketball as regret went through me but at the same time love did too. Regret because it was Liliana that was having my baby but love because this was my own child. "Yes. "she said in an annoyingly high voice. She handed Liliana and I a paper. I quickly finished my paper while Liliana slowly filled hers out. "Could you hurry up?" I asked impatiently. She quickly finished and we handed our papers to the receptionist. "Please wait. Your name will shortly be called."she told us smiling softly. I walked over and sat in the chairs, Liliana sitting next to me. "Liam?"she asked. I ignored her. "Liam?"she poked my shoulder but I still kept my cold attitude. "Li-"I turned to her. "What!"I snarled. She cringed. "Why are you treating me like this? Im the mother of your child"she said weakly. "Listen Liliana and listen well. I dont love you and I most certainly dont like you. You would not still be apart of this pack if it werent for the fact you were having my baby but you are so Im keeping you here. I wish I had never been dumb enough to fall for your little tricks but unfourtantely I was and now Im stuck here with you, irritated instead of being in here withmy matehappy that Im having a baby with the love of my life."I told her and her eyes dropped to her lap. She didnt say anything to me for the rest of the time until we were called. We stood up and walked behind Dr.Olivaswith a good 5ft between us."Hello Im Dr.Olivas but as Liliana knows I prefer to be called Dr.Harper. You must be the father Liam Torres am I correct?"she asked Liliana opened her mouth to say something but I beat her. "The baby its big enough for the gender to be identified correct?"I asked and she nodded her head. "That means its big enough to give DNA, right?"She nodded her head once again as Lilianas eyes widened with realization. "Liam this baby is yours."she told me and I looked at her. "How am I supposed to actually know that youre carrying my child. After all you are the pack whore."she looked at me shocked and I t

looked at the clock on the wall and than yelled "Class is dismissed see you tomorrow bright and early." The wolves all grumbled and groaned at the sound of being here bright and early but shuffled out of the gym anyway. He grabbed a t-shirt and quickly threw it on while drenching his face in water to cool down from working out. "Hey"he said. I began explaining to him what happened with Alyaez as I was at a breaking point because I didnt know what to do. "Man that sucks"he said when I finished. "Well, what do I do?"I asked him and he looked at me. "Shes suppose to be here for another week before she goes and lives with that other guy right?"he asked me and I desprately nodded my head. "She loves you because you are her first mate and she knows you better than that guy so you still have a good chance at keeping her youre just going to have to work super hard because from what youve just told me about what she said about that guy, hes better than you are but she doesnt fully know him like she knows you. Youre going to have to be the most perfect mate in the world and show her she belongs with you and not him." I nodded and began thinking on how to set this plan into action.

Hi guys! Im so proud of myself for writing 5 pages in Liams POV! Anyway thank you so much guys for getting 300 hearts on this book! I love all of you so freaking much! Also Im getting ready to publish a new book so be on the look out for it cause its coming. What did you guys think of the chapter? Please dont hate me for making Liam the father, I knew he was going to be the father all along but trust me Liliana and Liams situation isnt done quite yet. Do you think that Liam will be able to win Alyaez back? What about Ronnies little speech? Let me know what you think in the comment below!


P.S I apologize so much Luna wolf I couldnt find a picture that matched Harpers appearance but dont worry soon she will meet Alyaez

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