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   Chapter 28 Why

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Alyaez POV-

"Why the hell do you smell like another male!?"Liam snarled at me. Do I? I than realized I was still wearing Ashs shirt and mentally cursed myself. "What do you mean?"I asked him innocently. Doesnt feel so good to have your own mate lie to your face does it buddy boy? Now you know how I feel. "Stop lying to me. You smell like cherries and raspberries instead of peaches and mint. Why?"he asked me. I sat down on the bed putting my head in my hands. I didnt want to face him this quickly. "Answer me dammit!"he yelled causing me to jump. Ash would never yell at me like that, well at least not purposely. "Im leaving soon."I mumbled. "What? Speak louder."he told me and I looked him in the eye. "Im leaving soon Liam."I told him. "What the hell do you mean by youre leaving soon?" he growled at me. "I found my second mate and I want to be with him. "I told him ignoring the pain going through my body. He collapsed to the ground on his knees. "Why? Why do you want him?"he asked weakly. "Hes everything youre not Liam. Hes treated me like a queen in the time weve known each other. " I said with confidence. "Im sorry I cant be him but please dont leave me. Im trying to be a good mate"he begged. "Liam its not that you cant be him its just-"he cut me off. "Is he smarter than me? Is he cuter? Please just tell me what makes him so different from me. I love you Alyaez. Youre my fucking world and I know Ive fucked up in the past but baby I promised not only you but myself that I will be the best mate in the world. I will treat you like a goddess and worship the ground you walk on." he told me. I bent down to his level and gently tilted his head up. "I wanted to love you so much Liam. I really did and I think you want to love me just as much as I do you but look at us. Every single time that we talk we hurt reach

4;Yes or no. Simple answer."she told me. "I didnt but I did."I told her and she groaned. "What did you do?" she asked me. "I found my second mate. "I told her getting straight to the point. "You what!"she yelled loudly. "I found my mate."I repeated again for her. Id never seen Robin turn so red in her life so quickly. She began to speak but I cut her off with another bullet. "And Im leaving the pack in a week or less" and Id never seen her pale so quickly either. I dont think Ive ever witnessed a werewolf faint because that is exactly what Robin did. I rushed over and shook her awake. Her eyes openedalong with her mouth.

Hey guys! First things first. Shout out to时光飞逝for making such a wonderful book cover!This was such a difficult chapter to write because I wasnt sure how to make Liam react but I hope youre happy with how he did. What did you guys think of Allys little speech to Liam? How do you think Robins going to react to Allys Im leaving news? Let me know in the comments as always! Until next time peace!


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